Thursday, January 21, 2010

Answered Prayer

Josiah is precious. He's a blessing. He's so sweet and cuddly. I love the way that he loves for me to steal his kisses. I love the way he looks so prim and proper when he folds his hands.

I've been blessed with easy babies. I didn't realize it until I had Josiah. The previous three would pretty much go with whatever I did with them. Lay them down for a half an hour, an hour, whatever. It was okay with them to play alone. Josiah is very particular about what he wants. But on the other hand, he can be very easy going about stuff. I have literally been praying for months that he would start sleeping better.

One habit he has gotten into is the midnight snacking. He's been getting up every three hours and sometimes less wanting to nurse. Hey, that's all fine and good, but after nearly 5 months of it I am starting to feel run down. So, we (my and hubby) started getting him away from the midnight snack-attacks. After all, when we was waking up he would only nurse for about 5 minutes, sometimes less, and he was snoring again.

Sunday was a week ago that we quit letting him nurse at night. If he awoke then Jeremy or I would get up, rock him, swaddle him, or whatever else he wanted to go back to sleep, but NO nursing.

I was awoken several times last night by thunderstorms and heavy rain, but I woke up this morning and began my day at about 5:30. My first reaction was, "hmm, Jeremy must have gotten up with Josiah all last night." This would make sense because the night before I had stayed up with him about 3 hours. He'd wake up, I'd rock him to sleep, I'd lay him down and he's wake up again. It was the hardest night since we changed his routine. The other nights had been very easy. He's also had a stuffy nose, which adds to the problem.

Anyway, here's a clip from our first conversation this morning:

Jeremy: "How many times did you get up with Josiah?"
Me: "None...You?"
Jeremy: "I didn't get up with him."
Me: "Wow."
Jeremy: "So he actually slept all night?"
Me: "Looks that way."
Jeremy: "That's a blessing from the Lord."
Me: "Hallelujah, that's a miracle."

I'm not trying to sound cheesy. It really was a miracle and an answer to prayer. I was completely certain that it would take Josiah weeks to break the midnight snack habit. Instead it took only 10 days.

He's so happy this morning too. You can tell he's had a good night's rest. Right now he's all alone in the living room, playing with toys and cooing up a storm!

Ethan's asthma is aggravated today. I'd appreciate prayers so that he doesn't have to use his nebulizer.

Me and the babies...half of them ready for bed, half of them not. :-) And with Josiah's folded hands, as he loves to do.

4 edifying expressions:

Kristy... said...

What a beautiful family.. and Momma :P

I am so glad that he slept all night.. prayfully he will continue to do so!

Abbys Asthma is acting up too. I had to give her a treatment just five minutes ago :(

Kimberly said...

Yay! to A full night's rest! Nice picture of you and your little brood!!!! I can't believe your little man is 5 months old, wow time flies.

Sarah said...

Congratulations on getting a full nights sleep! Undisturbed sleep definitely helps me get through the day without feeling too drained! Also what a beautiful picture Elizabeth - your children are adorable; love the litle guy folding his hands!

God Bless

Lori said...

YAY! Josiah has slept through the night. I can't believe how "grown up" he looks in this picture.