Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold Weather Photos!

The view of the front yard...

The view of the back yard...

Looks the same, doesn't it? Okay, we missed out snow chance. No big surprise there. It was certainly cold enough, but the precipitation just wasn't there. There is no snow or ice, but I promise it is really cold.

Just showin' ya' how cold.

I took this at noon and it's still under freezing. So that may not be a big deal to you. It think of some friends of ours who used to go to church with us and are now on the mission field near Fargo, ND. The Weather Channel reported negative SIXTY with the wind chill. Our wind chill this morning was 9. It made my eyes widen until I thought of Stevie and Halee.

And I just have to share what a great idea Kimberly had to put a fire under unmotivated children! This reward method, for our children, is better than paying them for chores. They earn 10 minutes per token and a max of 3 tokens per day. They each have their own token banks also. You'll have to read her post to learn more!

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Kimberly said...

I was so excited, I thought I was going to see pictures of snow in Florida!!! Very funny! Thanks for the link, the tokens are really working well here too!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through reading Stacy McDonald's blog (one of my very favorite!). When I clicked on your name, your profile came up - I was a little surprised to see that you, too, were Independent Fundamental Baptist. We live in Mississippi and unfortunately the church base for IFB churches is SMALL. I went to one growing up, but it closed down and eventually became a Southern Baptist Church. We have one left in our area, but even though they claim the label of IFB, they don't live out it's teachings, if you catch my drift.

I would love to connect with other IFB ladies here and around the globe, just to talk. To have some fellowship with other believers. My husband and I were part of a church plant almost 3 years ago - we were only one family in a group of about 15. My sister and her husband live according to the holiness standard set forth by the IFB, BUT her husband's father is a SB and he was raised that way through and through! lol While he doesn't agree with all that is taught (or rather NOT taught in SB doctrine), he hasn't made "the switch"! lol

In all honesty, it wouldn't matter if he did - we just call ourselves Christians when asked, because religion is just that - religion. Living out the standards set forth in the Bible is the most important.

However, I digress. Our church plant has not become part of the SB convention. Again, for me, that doesn't matter so much (although dh and I don't LIKE it), because we are going to live according to the standards set forth by God regardless of the name on the church building. One wonderful part of our church is that is is more family-integrated than most - we don't believe in splintering families for worship, we don't get into the whole "youth group" things, etc. As far as that goes, we LOVE Voddie Baucham and I've not heard a word he's ever spoken that I didn't agree with :) His talks on FICs and the detriment of the "youth group culture" to our churches is amazing.

Anyway, I've made this comment way too long - and I don't expect you to place it on your blog (I'm not against that, just don't know that you'd want a totally unrelated comment posted on your blog, haha). I would just love to email with you if possible (gee-whiz, even to me that sounds pathetic, like I have no friends...haha...of which, I can assure you, I have many. It would just be nice to connect with more that believe like we do - or more like we do...let me stop blubbering here). Anyhoo, if you'd like to chat by email you can find me at or I'm on facebook under that same email.

Thanks! And sorry you didn't get your snow - we got what looked like a blizzard coming down, but it didn't stick. Only some icky ice :/

Kristy... said...

Must be global warming Elizabeth! LOL

only 69 days left till spring here.. CANT WAIT!