Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Expert Advice Need from Cold Weather Veterans!

Okay, so the majority of us Americans are enjoying (or enduring) this super cold weather. Since cold weather is a novelty for us Floridians, we are really enjoying it. We're watching the thermometer every hour or so: "Woah! It's 24 outside now!" The official reading for us last night was a low of 20, but when I awoke this morning I read 18 on our thermometer.

So big deal, right? Well, I have a little problem. Ethan had an accident and wet his quilt last night. It is a full sized quilt and is very generously sized at that. There is no way it will fit in my washer. I've tried. So what do you do in this sort of situation? Normally I take it outside, hang it on the clothesline, spray it with a mixture of vinegar and soap and rinse it out. If I were to do that today it would freeze!! Now I thought that probably people would typically take it down to the basement or something, but basements are very unusual in Florida. I don't exactly know why, but I think it's because we're so close to the water table. If you were to dig out a basement, you'd probably hit water!

I would like to avoid the laundromat, so I'm asking for your ideas. :-)

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Kristy... said...

I dont have advice... but I wanted to add that your current weather conditions are SURELY a sign that global warming is REAL eh? lol

I was thinking laundromat the entire time till I read you said you were trying to avoid it at the end :) I wish I knew. WHat about hanging it over the shower rod and spraying it down, then it can drip into the tub.. be sure to keep all the ends INSIDE the tub. :) Let us know what you come up with.

A Joyful Chaos said...

We used to let all our laundry freeze on the clothes lines during the winter months. They are awkward to handle when frozen once you want to bring them back inside in the evening and for the especially stiffly frozen pieces you want to take care not to fold it too hard so it doesn't crack. We used to put vinegar in the rinse water to keep things from freezing too hard and wiped the clothesline with vinegar water to keep the laundry from freezing to the lines as hard.

Kimberly said...

I would thoroughly hand wash it in the bath tub, to wring, roll and squeeze. Don't twist though. I would put it in the dryer to get most of the dampness out, then make a "fort" out of it in the house, by placing it over chairs. Your children will love that part! I totally agree with you about the laundromat, yuck!

OK so what fruit is going to be super expensive, because Florida is freezing? Take lots of pictures, to help your children remember the cold winter!

Kimberly said...

Here's a little PS- our weather people began today's forcast for us with this line: "I can't believe I'm saying this, we are waking up to temps warmer than most of Florida is..." He excluded Key West, though!

Lori said...

I was thinking the laundromat, also.

If the wet area is not too big, I guess you could wash that area by hand and hang the quilt outside. It'll thaw after being brought in.

Sarah said...

I agree with Kimberly, I would wash it in the bath tub, fill the bath with warm water and laundry liquid or soap and let your children stamp on it with their bare feet for a while! (my Grandmother gave me that tip, she used to have her children do that for the quilts or curtains that needed washing) and like Kimberly said roll and squeeze the water out. Your Husband would probably be able to wring out more water or the two of you do it together?
Happy wash day!

Elizabeth said...

Y'all are so awesome! Thanks. It actually did get above freezing around noon.

Where I am, in northwest Florida, citrus isn't a crop. You can get it to grow, but its a lot of work. Here it's peanuts, soybeans and cotton, all of which have already been harvested. My uncle lives in Melbourne and that IS citrus country. Huge orange and grapefruit trees grow wild there. They can guard against the cold somewhat, but if it gets lower 20's for long they can't protect them. The key is really how long the temp is low. We have a low of 15 forecast for 3 days next week. If we, who are a bit more north are going to see 15, then it looks bleak for citrus country. :-)

But the bottom line for you and me is that when there is a substantial freeze we'll be paying a bit more. Even if they save whole crop they are still having to go to great lengths to do it.

Global warming... What gets me is that I've heard people say that global warming is causing the cold snaps. I mean that just doesn't make sense to me. Global WARMING, not global cooling. Global cooling was the 70's. :-P

MInTheGap said...

I think that I would take advantage of the 2010 Appliance Tax Credit to get a bigger washer!

All kidding aside, I think A Joyful Chaos has the best idea that I'd try.