Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Milestones and Abnormalities

The milestones...
Time flies by so quickly. What is life but a vapour, right? Sunday Josiah reached the five month mark. Who doesn't love to watch a baby develop during their first year of life? I completely love it. Josiah has been rolling tummy-to-back and back-to-tummy for a while. But now he can use his skills to navigate across the room. Over and over and over he goes until he reach his destination. Cute!! He's also doing the "belly crawls." He's trying to push up to crawl, but isn't strong enough yet. He'll push up very high on his hands and when pulls his knees under him, down falls the head. If he starts with the knees and then pushes up on his hands, he'll roll over to the side, becoming overbalanced. Precious, precious. We're starting lots and lots of baby food. He's not too keen on homemade carrots. I'm guessing because I steam all vegetables, which preserves flavor. His baby food honestly tastes just like what you or I would eat. I guess that since he's used to mild and bland, the taste punch that the steamed carrots gives will take some getting used to. He's working at a handled sippy cup too. He can sort of hold it, but his hands are still a bit clumsy. For Christmas we got him some of those star shaped veggie puffs. We tried them yesterday and it's so cute to see those jaws chewing. If I put a few out in front of him, he tried to pick them up, but he's just not coordinated enough yet.

The abnormal... (Daniel, if you're reading, you're going to love this story *sarcasm*)
not abnormal in a weird sort of way. But then this really is weird. Living the country is, to some, weird. Living in the country also means that things that are normal for us makes the eyes of suburbanites widen. That said, Ethan is the poster child for Murphy's Law: if it can go wrong will go wrong. If it can happen it will happen to Ethan.

Saturday we went out for a family bike ride. Off we go with Jeremy, John and Ethan on their bikes and Mom pulling the younger two in the bike trailer. (Lydia's not a proficient rider yet) The first 1/2 mile of our road is paved, but it goes back several miles until it runs into a rather large river. While going along our road, you cross a cattle gap. (I provided the link for you suburbanites. *friendly tease*) Every time that we've ridden across the cattle gap there has been dirt under it. After some heavy rain, the dirt was all washed away. As Ethan bounced over it, he lost his balance and toppled over. When he put his hands down to catch his fall, his hands go completely through the slats on the cattle gap, which are several inches apart. He takes 100% of his fall in the teeth. We're forever from home and he's gushing blood from everywhere. We're far from home and any nearby neighbors (not as if there are many) are not home. What are the chances of absolutely nothing breaking that fall?

Then yesterday (this one takes the cake of all cakes) Lydia, Josiah and I go to town. "Town" is about an hour from home. While we're gone, Jeremy is painting inside while John and Ethan are playing outside. The boys come in and excited say, "Dad! We just saw a rat!" "How about that, Buddy?" is Jeremy's reply while he's thinking "Big deal, nothing unusual about that. We see field rats often." He can hear the kids playing, but isn't paying much attention to what they are saying. Suddenly he hears a shriek. Not a "he's not playing fair" shriek. One of those "go quick, someone's badly hurt" shrieks. Blood is gushing everywhere from Ethan's pinky finger. Jeremy's able to find out that the rat they saw, they were actually chasing it and the rat had bitten Ethan. Not knowing what sorts of diseases rats carry, the boys and Dad make a run to the emergency room. On the way the boys are able to calm down enough to explain exactly what happened:

The rat was in some shrubs that line the front of the house. They cornered the rat and ... actually had caught it. (Yuck!!) They took turns petting it and it eventually the scared rat retaliated. :-P He said that when the rat clamped on his pinky, he couldn't get it off. He tried shaking and flicking it off. He ended up having to pull the rat off the end of his finger. The rat had nearly taken off the entire end of Ethan's finger. The top was hanging on by just a tiny bit of skin.

Well, the doctor at the emergency room said that tips of fingers heal up nicely and quickly and that stitches wouldn't be of much help. I was totally fine with that; let the body do what it was made to do: heal itself. He also said that rats are most notorious for carrying bubonic plague, but that it is the rat flea, not the rat, that is the carrier. He had no insect bites. Since our area is under a rabies watch, we were concerned about rabies. He also said that it's nearly impossible for rats to transmit rabies.

I didn't make it to the hospital until Ethan was nearly discharged. He was very upset and in pain, but well. He's still having trouble with it bleeding and swelling. Poor little fellow. Just another day at home...never a dull moment.

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Kimberly said...

The minute you mention the cattle gap, I knew what was next- that is a bad place to fall, tingles down the spine... Yuck to the rat, I've heard that they are actually pretty clean, I can't believe they caught one in the daylight though. It's so cute watching the reactions of the babies when new tastes are put into their mouths, today we gave the baby a tiny bit of deli turkey, she gagged of course- which is funny because it's pretty plain!!

Sarah said...

Elizabeth! How I'm laughing at the picture in my mind of your dear boys petting a big terrifed rat! Goodeness knows, children do the oddest things!

Kristy... said...

blech blech blech... Rats gross me out.. POOOOOOR Ethan.. what luck that kid has.. what happened to his teeth? Anything?

Gaily is only rolling from her back to her belly .... How fun it must be to see him get to where he wants to go.

You should post some new pics of him soon. :D

dottywotty said...

oh my soul....that sounds like a wiggins story....funny bout the goin to 'town'...even when we lived in fort worth i would still say i was goin to 'town' when i went shopping, etc. how funny! that was a good laugh! great story. luv luv luv it!