Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Death of Street Preachers

Among Christians, even fundamental Christians, there can often be a disdain for those sharing the gospel in the streets of America. By some its seen as people just shouting at cars. Some see it as a waste of time. I personally love the entire concept of street preaching. I roll down my windows when I see a man preaching at a busy intersection. I hope that the light is long. The Lord taught in a parable to go out into the highways and bring them in:

Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. -Luke 14:23

Did Jesus mean to go into the literal highways? Well, since I believe the Bible is literal and is not an allegory, I'd say yes.

I'm getting off topic. I was listening to Cross Talk on Rejoice Radio today and was disturbed to learn about 2 men, street preachers, being shot to death for sharing the gospel in Boynton Beach, Florida. What stunned me about it was that I had not heard about it. You see, I keep up with current events. I follow the news through various sources: radio, internet, television. This was not headline news. Isn't it the very picture of the world today? 2 young preachers shot for proclaiming the gospel and it's brushed under the rug; a nut-case kills an abortion "doctor" and you never hear the end of it.

Oh, and did you hear about the earthquake in northern Illinois. "Earthquakes in divers places," folks. It's not going to be long until I have my second wedding! ;-P

I have to add also that the man talking on the radio show was asked, "Wouldn't this be considered a 'hate crime?'" He replied, "No, it couldn't be a hate crime because it was committed against a Christian."

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Kristy... said...

that is terrible about not hearing about those preachers. There is a preacher here in Michigan who is being prosecuted for a hate crime because he preached against homosexuality.. I never heard about it until I spoke with my friend who lives up near him and she told me. How sad, that we dont hear of such things ESPECIALLY the deaths...
From what I understand, Ill. has been hit several times, dating back to the 1700's due to the fact that they are on two fault lines.
Crazy, I guess some could feel the quake here in Michigan AND as far as Georgia!

Sharon said...

I didn't hear about this either and we keep up with current events as well! So SAD!!!
I did hear about the earthquake in IL but we didn't feel it here in NE GA. A few years ago there was an earthquake in NE AL and we did feel that one! Very strange sensation and hope NEVER to feel that again!
Yes, I believe the time of Jesus' return is drawing very near.