Monday, February 22, 2010

Do You See What I See?

My husband is telling me that I need to post, so here's a quick one. Only 10 days ago we had accumulating snowfall, right? I noticed this which I saw Sunday when we returned home from church:

It's a Florida thing, I guess. Snowfall one week, lower 70's the next! Spring is trying to make her debut for this year, and personally I welcome some warmth. Have there been signs of warmer weather in your hometown? Below are the tiniest budding leaves on our crab apple tree.

And since it was a bit warmer yesterday, Lydia was able to try out a spring dress that she was given for her birthday. I looooove this dress!

4 edifying expressions:

Anonymous said...

My, such a cute picture of your daughter. I bet she looks just like her daddy!! As a matter of fact, I bet all the children look just like there Daddy!!

Kimberly said...

We have flowering trees, flowering; and the deciduous trees have a green about them, it really is spring like here, which is very unusual, I don't think we will get any snow at all this year. They say that the el nino has weakened, and things will return to "normal" here about May- which means we probably will end up with a wet summer, so we are enjoying the sunny/dry weather while it's here!

Tammy said...

Those spring buds look promising!

And I like Lydia's dress. So pretty!

Sharon said...

OH! She is adorable!!!!

Some of our daffodils are blooming! I should take pics. :)