Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's Make Baby Food!

So let's make baby food! Making your own has major advantages. Ones that come first to my mind are these:

Here at home we rarely boil vegetables. We boil firm legumes and potatoes if they're going to end up as mashed potatoes. That's pretty much it. Steaming is nutritionally superior to boiling because fewer enzymes are destroyed by the cooking process. Not to mention that the flavor is a million times better than boiled.

Another reason I like to make my own is that you save a ton. Have you priced baby food. Isn't it ridiculous that a tiny jar of baby food can cost sometimes 79 cents?!

Also, I can make the baby food appropriate for my child's development. If he can manage thicker or chunky feeds, then I can make them as such.

Here's another. I believe that homemade baby food just "sticks" longer. It takes less food and it's more satisfying. Maybe because store bought food is watered down too much? Who knows, but its still my observation.

So here goes...Elizabeth makes baby food.

Here we have 1 pound of sweet peas and the steamer basket that came with my pots and pans. I didn't have this for a long time and just used one of those collapsible steamer baskets.

Bring the steaming water to a boil and add your veggies. Here they are steaming away. I steam vegetables until they are just tender.

When they are done, the color should still be nice and vibrant. You'd never see color like that in canned vegetables. And off to the food processor they go.

Here I added about 3/4 cup of the steam water. Cooking still damages the food and lets some of the nutrition down into the steam water. So why not use it and the vitamins I've lost to add back to the baby food? I let it spin for a while and it's still pretty goopy for my little beginner.

This is a bit better. I think I added nearly 2 cups of water. It's more thick than store bought, but thin enough that he should like it.

Now off to any containers I can scrounge up.

My progress for the day: 3 jars of sweet potatoes, 6 jars of peas and 7 jars of green beans. Each of them are labeled for contents and date. They won't be in the freezer long, but I just want to be sure that I use up the old food if I happen to make any more.

This food was made at a total cost of about $2.30 and took me about 40 to make, minus cleanup. Store bought equivalent price is about $12.

Guess it's safe to say that I earned ten dollars an hour.

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Kimberly said...

Yeah! for you! If I had it to do all over again, I would totally go the make my own route. I'm so glad that our YP's wife serves mostly real food to their baby- definately the way to go! She's old enough now that veggies and fruit only need to be in small pieces, not all mushed up anymore.

Elizabeth said...

well, I have to be totally honest and say that this is probably the first big batch I've made. John was ALL out of a jar. Ethan and Lydia I sort of did some here and there, but I've just never had a way to puree baby food until now. It never really turned right using the blender, which is what I did before. I got a food processor for Christmas and now it should be easy-breezy!

Abbey said...

hey, yes i am talking about that subway..lol i love jerm he always gives me a hard time!!....=)

A Joyful Chaos said...

It is so satisfying being able to make your own baby food.

Kristy... said...

I havent started making Gaily food yet.. Tho I have with all of my children.
She wont even eat Cereal and until I can find things she will eat, or get her to FINALLY eat, I am NOT going to make it LOL she doesnt seem ready for it just yet..

But, I have always enjoyed it! I CANT WAIT to start!