Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't Forget to Pray for Military!

If you can spare a few minutes, please pray for the brother of a dear friend of mine. Daniel is a Marine serving in Afghanistan. He lost part of his leg to a road side bomb. Like I said, his sister and I are extremely close. He grew up in our church. I guess it just hits home when it's someone you know ... especially when you're like me and you just don't know a lot of people. I wasn't going to say anything for the family's privacy, but an internet news article has been published on the incident. Since it's public knowledge now, I'd ask if you can to please pray for this family. Thanks in advance!

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Martina said...

We will be praying for him, my Husband is also serving in Afghanistan and i know that Prayer can help Families alot during these times.

Kimberly said...

Certainly we will be praying for him. One of my prayers I pray, (to pray without ceasing) is for the folks serving in the military.

I just keep a few thoughts around in my head, and when I have moments of silence, like making supper or hanging laundry, that's when I include my "list" of regular prayer items.

Sharon said...

We will pray for him. My husband was a Marine in the Vietnam war and we always remember to pray for our troops.