Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh ... It Appears That Am Rather Green...

My GoGreenScore is


Now you can take the GoGreenScore challenge.

Never in my life have I given a rip about being green. Don't mean to offend any of you super earth-peeps out there, it's just not my thing. I mean, I'm not irresponsible or anything, I just don't really go out of my way to be green, ya' know. So, I saw this post at another blog, Bridget's, and thought, just for fun, I'd give it a try.

If you know me and my blog, you know that I am all about simple living, buying natural and organic products, homesteading as best I can on one-and-a-quarter acres, and frugality. Now it turns out that many of those things also are green...which explains a score that any treehugger would be proud of.

Some of my blackballs include these:
  1. I don't recycle. No curbside pickup. No where to store a recycling bin. Having to drive a ba-zillion miles to take it to a recycling pick up. I even *gasp* throw batteries in the trash because I would have to drive upward of 50 miles to recycle those.
  2. I have never used public transportation in my life. That just goes with living rural. Well, there was that time the ladies at the church went to Pigeon Forge and we used the trolly. Somehow I think that won't count.
  3. I do drive more than 6,000 miles in a year ... probably double that. I have to drive 70 miles round trip just to go to the grocery store. More of that country life, ya' know.
  4. My car doesn't get more than 35 mpg. What transportation that sits 6 or more do you know that does?
  5. Do I use my own bags at the store. LOL!!! Could you imagine all those bags? Could you imagine me trying to keep up with all of them?
Where I scored big:
  1. I buy local, when possible. Local = fresher and cheaper
  2. I buy organic when possible and when I can afford it. Our garden is organic (duh) so that helps a lot.
  3. Hanging clothes out to dry saves on the power bill. So does keeping the thermostat in a good range.
  4. "Buy used and save the difference." - Jim Bob Duggar It's also a motto for our family!
  5. In our quest to eat more healthy we have tremendously cut back on meat consumption. Meat has a great acidifying affect on the body. Acid = disease and disease = yuck!
Anyway, just some of my highlights.

3 edifying expressions:

Kristy... said...

I scored a 52... not bad for a meat eater LOL probably what got me.. we eat meat daily... tho, I am trying to get out of RED meat as much.

I am not a "go green" person either, however, I will recycle and such.. While I dont feel like global warming is going to kill off our planet, I do feel its responsible for us to at least TRY and maintain it. God gave it to us, we should be taking care of it.. tho, again, I do NOT believe the lies of Global Warming.

Tami said...

we eat less meat cuz we can't afford it either.
no curbside recycling here either. i did petition to get one tho but it failed. :(
i don't have a car!!!!!!
i do use cloth bags but i win them so they are free :) i have over 20 now!
i didn't realize how far you had to drive to get to the store. i am blessed they stuck a walmart out here cuz we are the closest mid point for all the other little towns. yay!!!
i just love your blog, even if i don't comment often.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Awesome!!! You really did good! lol.
I think a trolley counts. It has to be more healthy at least then the dirty subways i take. Ewwwww.