Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Last week, Friday I think, we had a great family outing. While we were out someone told us that Josiah looks like the eTrade baby.
So, I wasn't even sure what the eTrade baby looked like. Here's a screenshot of the two of them. I don't know. I think that maybe they favor, maybe not. What do you think?

We had a great time with a family outing, like I said. We all had a great time. First I had to take Lydia and Josiah to the pediatrician. It was an interesting visit to say the least. I really like our pediatrician. She was so sympathetic and kind while Josiah was hospitalized. I told her that I didn't want him vaccinated. Well, I got the nth degree from her about it, to be sure. As our family has learned more about healthy living and natural medicine, we have also been learning of reasons not to vax. I have learned that when you break away from norm in this area you are immediately labeled as a lunatic, and extremist and a child abuser. I left the doctor's office telling her that we would probably not be vaxxing until 2 so that I wouldn't have to hear her gripe and quote the AAP, but in my heart I was thinking, we'll do exactly what is right as we judge it to be right. I did not schedule his next appointment.

Anyway, to the better part of the day. We took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Now honestly, Chuck E. Cheese scares me to death: creeps, weirdos, germs, music, kids with ugly mouths, etc. We planned our visit during school hours, so the place was close to empty. There were two highlights to the visit: one was Lydia calling the Chuck E. Cheese by the name Chucky Jesus!! Oh, that was tooooo funny. The second highlight was John. After he spent up all his tokens, he plopped back at the table and started snarfing up a piece of pizza. I walked over to him nice and calmly, "John, that's not our table ... (his eyes widen)... and we already ate up all our pizza. He dropped the slice of pizza back in the box and runs away completely embarrassed. Now, this leaves Mom in quite a predicament. I can't exactly reach over and take out the pizza from their box; I'd look like a thief! So, I wait hoping to tell the owners of said pizza what had happened. And I waited ... and I waited ... Then I thought to myself, "Well, John's not ill. He doesn't have cooties or anything." I don't know what happened to the pizza, but oh well, I tried!

Monday was daddy's first real day off in weeks, excluding Sundays. It was really nice to have him home. It was a beautiful day, much of which we spent outside. Here's Jeremy throwing the boys through the air.

And here's to still baby-wearing at 6 months.I love the Moby style wrap. You can wear baby for hours (Josiah weighs nearly 16 pounds) and never feel it in your back or shoulders!

Lydia decided that she didn't want to take off her princess dress all day long.It was a great week last week and we're looking forward to another great week!

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Kimberly said...

Love, Daddy says off! Yes, we avoid Chuck E Cheese too. I think we've only been there once in the last 10 years or so!

Kristy... said...

I wear a wrap similar when I am out and about for long periods.. if its a short trip, I use my ring sling cause, its faster/easier to put on.. but for long wear, I definatly go with my wrap!
ok Josiah weighs more then Abby... she was just weighed and she is a week shy of 8 months and she was 15 pounds even.. with some clothes on...
and I do see a resemblance to the Etrade baby... but thats not a bad thing, he is cute *Tho Josiah MUCH cuter :P*

glad you had such a great weekend!

Kristy... said...

oh and about vaxing.. I got so tired of hearing the 3rd degree I started saying "we are delaying" it keeps them off of our backs.. and, really I am.. if I find evidence that leads me to do otherwise I will vax... but as of right now, We dont.

I am SO lucky my ped could CARE less
he never asks and says "thats absolutly 100% ok" that I dont vax... a few of my friends now go to him.