Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finally, Pictures

Yes, it's been forever since I have posted pictures. No excuse, just life at work. :-) Making it brief today.

My Josiah is so completely curly-headed. It looks as if Josiah's eyes will be brown, which will give our family 3 blue-eyed members, 2 brown-eyed members and one green-eyed! Here he has just eaten his supper

And there is never a lack for helpers!

My dad and Josiah

Our family as morning worship on Resurrection Sunday. (I made matching dresses for Lydia and I)

Playing together before church

Reading together before bed

Visiting a strawberry farm

We've been busy as of late, but it's been great!

4 edifying expressions:

Kristy... said...

ok I am SOO jealous of the curly hair!!!!

I LOVE his big eyes. he is such a doll face.. all of your kids are! I love your and Lydias matching dresses! and how your entire family were in blue tones! CUTE!
That lil Lydia is a princess and sooo pretty!

Sarah said...

What a fantastic trip out to the strawberry farm! My children both love strawberries so much!

The matching dresses you made for yourself and your daughter are beautiful, Elizabeth. You surely are a very talented lady to be able to sew clothing for your family!

God Bless

Elizabeth said...

awww...thanks Kristy and Sarah. You both are so sweet!!

Tami said...

love the dresses!! i so wish i could sew!!!