Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Am So Relating Here

Understanding that this is funny and taking some of the comments in light, I can so relate to this after about the first minute of the video. Especially as of late, there has been a wave of "brain damage" running throughout the house.

Me: "Why did you do that when I just told you no?"

Child: (in a barely not whining tone) "I dunnooooooooooo..."

2 edifying expressions:

Deborah said...

Yup....I can definitely relate! We had fun watching a few more Cosby's so refreshing to listen to a REAL parent rather than a politically correct one! And I really needed a laugh...Thanks!

Sarah said...

"I Dunnoooo" Hahaha! Elizabeth this is so hilarious! Thank you for posting this, I too really needed a laugh!