Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday Night Services

If there is any service that I'd say is the hardest to get to, it is definitely Wednesday night. In that, I'll say that oftentimes it is Wednesday nights that I get the most help from. Last night, it was one of those nights that it just seemed that the devil was at every turn trying to hinder us. We start getting ready for our 7 o'clock service at about 4. In order for the kids to be up from naps by four, they need to be in the bed no later than 1:30. Naps ended up being late. Not exactly just because we've started settling into our more lax summer schedule, but poor scheduling did play into the day. I unexpectedly got my carpet cleaner back Tuesday night after it being at the repair shop for 3 weeks. I was itching to get a room cleaned. I couldn't find the other parts to the carpet cleaner, so it ended up taking me about an extra hour to just find everything and remember how to put it back together. Then the pest control guy showed up unexpectedly also. Lydia, being female and full of emotion, was a stung by a wasp in the midst of everything too, taking her forever to get calmed down. Honestly, just your average, everyday mayhem!

Since naps were late, the kids were late getting up. Lydia didn't get up until nearly 5! Usually I bathe her at 4 because she still needs a bit of help in the shower. (Seems like girls just have more to clean I guess?) Once she gets out I start dinner. So, on the menu was tuna helper. Yes, I confess, I use the boxed mess on busy nights. Typically, from what I've observed, the tuna helper box is more white on top. When I made the menu, I didn't actually examine the box. I just looked in and saw a color scheme that looked like tuna and not hamburger. Well, guess what...right. It was hamburger helper, not tuna. And even better, it was beef stroganoff which was not even going to go right with tuna.

So here we are, 1/2 an hour before hubby gets home from work and I'm scratching my head. I went to the pantry to brainstorm and found elbow macaroni. Okay...that's a start. I put that on to boil. Hmm, what else. Velveeta? Not too healthy. Fish and cheese aren't supposed to go together either, but hey, I'm in a fix. Four ounces of Velveeta in the microwave with some milk. Then something to kick up the flavor ante. Onion powder and Italian seasoning? By this time it was about 10 minutes before dinner was supposed to be on the table. "Oh well" and I threw it in along with some paprika. Added some more water and a pound of English peas and later the tuna. There were no leftovers and everyone except Lydia (who is not eating much right now anyway) ate theirs up ... even Josiah!

So, then Lydia still needed a bath and it was quarter til 6. I asked her to get her clothes together and head to the bathroom. In a bit she hollers out, "Mommy, I don't got no panties!" (was that too much info?) How can she not have underclothes? The laundry was 100% caught up just Saturday. No matter now anyway. So I scurried on to get a load into the wash before church. She wouldn't be having a bath before church for sure.

So we wheel into the church parking lot with 3 minutes to spare. Service was long, but it seemed to breeze right by. I couldn't believe the clock when we got home a bit after 9! Pastor has begun a series on the Sermon on the Mount and he began last night with the Beatitudes. One point that really spoke to me was verse 3: "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of God." Poor in spirit meaning humble. Then also in verse 5 we are told "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." I personally thought of 1 Peter 3:4 and "the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit..." So often I fall short of humility and meekness. Even if I can control my flesh, sometimes my heart will not not be meek and humble.

So, we finally made it home. Josiah was starving and screaming. The boys were wild like rabid animals. Lydia was tired and whiny. But we were happy and blessed. We had made it through yet another Wednesday night.

Is it just us, or does everyone have similar trouble on Wednesday nights?

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char said...

SOOOO glad it is not just me!! So many times yesterday I said "I dont know if we are gonna make it to church tonight." The girls finally got out of the bath around 5:00, supper was finished about 5:45(hamburger meat mixed with Macaroni and cheese☺), I made the kids plates and then jumped in the shower myself at 6:00-out the door by 6:30(church is 20 miles away). I had almost let the devil convince me it would be ok if we didn't make it "just this once" but I am so glad we made it.

Kimberly said...

Our Wed. night program is mostly programs for the children except choir and one class for adults, like youth group and a class for the youngers like AWANA, called Discovery Club- Our church has different people cook each week for the supper meal. When the children were little yes, it was crazy and they were always really tired on Thursdays for school. In recent years during the rebuilding time of the church building, we stopped going on Wed. as it wasn't worth the problems I had to deal with on Thursdays- Now everyone is old enough that staying up a little later isn't too bad. I took pictures last night it was the end of the year party for the children, I'll do a post on it!

Kristy... said...

I would have to say that this isnt only our Weds. but also our Sunday mornings.. ALWAYS seems that we are out of milk, or someone lost a shoe or doesnt have the right tie...
its the ones, that are the roughest to get to, that are the best services. I always know, the harder he fights the more HE wants us there!