Thursday, June 10, 2010

Popping In

I am just stopping by because I have a question for all you great ladies. Every time I post a question you all do such a great job answering and offering opinions!

Several years ago I used to have a Swiffer WetJet. When we got ceramic tile laid, it seemed like it just didn't work so well. Honestly, it seemed like it didn't work so great on the linoleum flooring either. I would scrub over a tough spot until my arms ached and usually had to get on all fours to get up the spot. When we installed the tile, the WetJet would not even come close to getting into the grout. Not to mention that the pads and solution are pricey. I got rid of the WetJet, either to the landfill or the goodwill, and went back to a traditional mop.

You all know that a mop works great, of course, but it's such a pain to get out the mop bucket, draw water for it, mop, wait for the tile to dry, rinse the mop head out and yadda-yadda-yadda.

Sometimes I need to really get in there and mop, ya' know. But sometimes I just want to go over the floor quickly. Maybe the Swiffer WetJet can't replace a good ole' mop? Maybe it's made for quick cleaning and not deep cleaning?

I don't want to invest in the product (again) and be disappointed (again). Anyone have info or personal experience to share?

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Lori said...

I stay away from the Swiffer. To me it's a waste of time and money. I don't like having to remop or buy boxes of cloths and bottles of cleaner.
LIBMAN makes a really good mop. It has a thick sponge head and a scrub brush. You can replace the sponge when necessary. The brush is very sturdy.It has a handle to do all the wringing.This is what I use on our ceramic tiles.

I know some are going to drop their jaws... I don't use a mop bucket in the kitchen or bathroom. I fill the sink or tub with water along with pine sol. When I'm finished mopping, I clean the sink and tub.

Kimberly said...

We have a Swiffer only because we bought into the ad years ago too. We had this hair spray residue mark on the vinyl flooring in the bathroom for ever, the Swiffer and it's solution never got it up and I scrubbed with the mop and on my hands and knees. Since I've been making our cleaning products, I found that the all purpose cleaner is amazing stuff- {I don't have a hair spray mark on the floor anymore- I did have to scrub it out with a rag, but I was OK with that, as it came up pretty easy} when the swiffer solution ran out, I started spraying the floor with the all purp. cleaner then mopping. I'll probably keep the swiffer since it's easier for the children to use when they do their bathroom chores. The recipe as I got it says it's safe for carpets, laminates, enamels, poceline, tile and mattresses. I'd recommend getting a regular mop.

Deborah said...

I got rid of my swiffer too. It just didn't do the job. I use a mop that is similar to the old string mops, but has strips of fabric. The ringer is attached to the just pull it down and twist. I just use my kitchen sink for rinsing it out. The cleaner I use is made by Melaleuca, and is called Mela works great. I also sometimes use Tub and Tile on my ceramic floors...made by the same company.

char said...

I had a swiffer for a while. Seemed like I would mop at night and the next morning the kids socks would still get filthy from the floor. I hate mops. I can never find one that works good. What I do now is use a towel. I spray hot water on my kitchen floor and drop a towel down. Then I step on the towel and "walk" it all around. If there is a corner, my toes can get in there better than any mop. If there is a particularly dirty spot, I spend an extra minute rubbing it. When I am done, I just throw the towel in the washer. It seems to get my floors cleaner with just water than any mop and cleaning solution ever did. We do not have tile but our church does and the only thing we use as cleaner on it is vinegar and water. Preacher says the other cleaners do something to the grout.

Zsuzsanna said...

I have one, but only use it for the bathrooms. With three little boys, I like the fact that I can just throw the pad away and be done with it... :)

The rest of our house is all tile/laminate. I don't use the wetjet because I can't stand the smell of the cleaner they have, and I find it makes the floors dull.

Instead, I use a hoover FloorMate for all that, and am very happy with the results. I can use my own natural cleaner in the clean water tank, and it's much easier and faster than a mop and bucket.

Kristy... said...

for a quick mop I will put wet towels on under my feet spray some diluted vinegar and "skate" on my floor .. (tho, this is soon to be my eldests job.)
Its not on your hands and knees clean but, it does the trick for in between.. and its CHEAP and safe :)

Oh and I apologize if this has already been said, I did not read prior comments :P

Elizabeth said...

After all the discussion I'm certain that I'm not going back to the swiffer. Those commercials can be so enticing! Although I prefer a traditional mop for heavy cleaning, I think that I'll opt for using a sponge head mop for quick jobs. I also have a decent natural cleaner that I can spray down before I quick mop it.

Thanks again so much ladies! Y'all are always so fantastic and helpful!