Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ready for a Break

I have been blogging at A Picture of Grace now for nearly 3 years. I blogged at a different blog (which no longer exists) for several years before that. I have taken breaks for Josiah's birth, for Lydia's birth and for youth camps. I have not taken a break just because I needed one. I've got a lot here on the home front with the garden and other things, youth camp the end of this month, VBS shortly following, and plenty that needs a lot of fervent prayer. I've also been plagued with blogger's block. I have 3 or 4 posts which I began and none have been completed.

As my last post for a while, here are some photos.

John shooting hoops.

And Lydia getting right in the way of the future b-ball champ.

Josiah's favorite "toy" is the vacuum cleaner. He'll play with it for hours!

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a family outing. We took the kids to Bass Pro Shops.

Outside Bass Pro in Destin.

After this, we went to the beach. Being a local, you can learn where and when to go to avoid most of the typical beach attire. Closer to home, at Pensacola Beach, I know of place where there are no people as far as you can see!

We let the boys ditch their jeans for swimming trunks for this one!

We didn't have the beach all to ourselves on this trip, although most of the people were dressed to some extent. By that I'm meaning not wearing only typical swim attire: some with shorts, some with shirts. But trust me, when we set foot on that beach we got strange, long stares from everyone! I'll admit, we did look rather out of place.

A nice lady offered to take a picture of all of us, a treat for us.

Those pesky crashing waves!

We also wanted to take the children to the Gulf Coast beaches. Oil sheen is within 6 miles of Pensacola Beach. The "Emerald Coast" as I have known it my whole life may no longer exist after this summer. We really wanted the kids to maybe have some sort of memory of this aspect of God's glorious creation.

So then, I think that it's time for a break. Who knows how long. A month? Perhaps. I hope to return recharged!

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Kimberly said...

Oh, I will miss you Elizabeth! May the blog break be a blessing. What a beautiful beach, I think I would have been crying, just knowing of the oil lurching out there ready to engulf the beauty-

Anonymous said...

I will definitely miss reading your blog. I pray that the Lord will give you the rest you need to return refreshed. May He be a blessing to you as your blog has been a blessing to me and others. Enjoy your time off, and will check from time to time to see when you are back. May God Bless you. <3

Kristy... said...

You will be missed but I understand.
Seems I ONLY post my Abigail posts as of late.. I cant bring myself to post much else and I only do those because I am ALMOST to a year, why stop now!

Enjoy your BREAK.. "see" ya when you get back..

Oh and our Bass Pro shop doesnt have an AWESOME shark in front of it. I dont think I would ever ever be able to get my son away from ours if it did!

Deborah said...

Great photos! Enjoy your break!