Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time is Ticking!

Our target date to begin school is, I think, a little earlier than what's typical. We try to start the first week of August. It's far to hot here to be outdoors much in August anyway. Furthermore, once we're done (mid-April, thereabout) with school it's about time for the spring garden to be needing a lot of attention. That means that in exactly 1 week we'll be back to this crazy journey called homeschool.

I'm very much excited, as I am every year. I'm excited because it's always exciting to start a new year. Also because I'm pretty sure that next year won't be as hectic as last year. I thought last year was never going to end! We started in July since we were expecting a new baby in August. We took 4 weeks off as we were adjusting to another addition to the family. Then when Josiah was about 7 weeks old he was hospitalized for a week. We had to take another month off because he was still so terribly sick. We didn't finish school until about mid-May...and truth be told, we didn't complete the last 15 lessons. The kids had been in school so long, they were just so tired of it! Hopefully, this year coming up won't be so nutty!

I've been working out school schedules, home schedules, chore charts and general organizing as the first day of school approaches. I hope to be able to spend some time with Lydia, who is 3, actually doing worksheets and one-on-one instruction time. I think she's going to enjoy it. Ethan seems to be excited about first grade and of course John groans at the very thought of school. Second grade isn't enticing to him at all. Got to try to motivate the unmotivated!

I think that John is broken out in poison sumac. It doesn't seem to be bothering him too much though, just sort of unsightly. It grows in the woods by the church and he was spotted over that way Sunday afternoon between children's choir and worship service.

I thank everyone for praying for my knee. I think I mentioned it before that a month ago tomorrow, at camp, I sprained my knee. Since we don't have insurance, I didn't want to go to the doctor. From what I read it is most likely a grade 2 MCL tear. I'd say that it's about 70% back to normal. I have good days with it and bad. I just think now of arthritis getting in it later in life. But then, let's take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself, right?

Here are some photos I'm sharing from a very late evening game of croquet. The quality is poor since they were taken well after sunset.

Josiah had a blast chasing the balls all over the backyard.

Lydia had a most difficult time trying to actually make contact between the mallet and the ball.

Ethan makes good contact.

John studying his next move.

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Kristy... said...

Oh my word, Josiah is SO big!!!!!! and SOOOO cute.

I love the picture of little Lydia with her hand on her hip! :P TOO CUTE.