Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome Back!

Well, here I am back from camp and hoping to get back to the Blogosphere. There is so much to tell. I'm lying comfortably ready for bed.

First, I want to thank the good Lord for His gracious mercy, for answered prayer, and for His protection as we traveled. I know that may sound silly since we didn't travel far, but tragedy can strike in a flash. Everyone came home in one piece and, I believe refreshed in the Lord and closer knit together.

So we left home and headed to the Pensacola Christian College campus about lunchtime Monday. This is the second time we've been able to attend PCC's "Teen Extreme" youth camp. Last year Bro. Kenny Baldwin said it best: "Putting the words 'teen' and 'extreme' in the same sentence sounds like you're just asking for trouble. Teens are extreme enough without you having to tell them they are." It's so true. :-) Every year when we go to camp I get recharged in the ministry the Lord has given us. I'm so thankful for our group. No matter what we do I never have to worry about one sneaking off or breaking rules or blatant disrespect. They are a class act and I feel like I have a good relationship with each one.

The preaching by Dr. Johnny Pope was right on target. He sort of preached a series on battles fought by David. Thursday night the message was out of 2 Samuel 21:15 and his battle with Goliath's son, Ishbi-benob. Amazing, wonderful message. Wish I had it in mp3.

Friday morning he preached a clear cut message dealing with fornication. In all these (8?) years of youth ministry I do not recall an entire message devoted to the sin of fornication. Dr. Pope, during altar call, asked each teen to make a vow to their youth pastors to remain pure. I was openly weeping when all 13 of our teens spoke the words "I will wait" at the altar. He told them, yes you can make that vow in your heart, but when you make yourself accountable you're so much more likely to remember that vow when you have to flee sin. Wonderful week with the Lord!!

Then there were activities. It was great, but it was not pretty. I came away with a knee I sprained on Tuesday, which I'm still babying. It's bad when high dives and 31 birthdays makes you realize you're not 16 anymore!

The food was more like camp food than last year. I ate a lot of salad, which was great since they had baby spinach and grape tomatoes. Banana for breakfast, salad for lunch and dinner. Walking 5 miles (estimating. It's a big campus especially for Christian college) a day. Roller blading, swimming. I thought I would have lost a pile of weight. But no, I gained 5. LOL

I hope to add more, but we'll see when. Jeremy and I both have about a 102 fever and I need to get to bed.

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Kristy... said...

Welcome BACK! You have been missed.
Hope you and Jeremy are feeling better SOON.

Sounds like a great time at Camp~