Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Josiah!

Although I am I bit late...

Okay, a lot late.

Here is ONE thing I love about Josiah, who turned one on the 24th.

  1. CURLS!!!!!!
So there are 10 ba-zillion things I could list here. I wanted to list something that was unique about him. I adore those tight baby curls!! But what makes it even more cute to me is that it's straight on top, but the curls are so tight in the back that my pinky finger can't fit into some of them.

I especially love this photo because I was singing Jesus Loves Me in my opera voice (lol) and he has this look that says, "Mom, sometimes you are so strange."

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Deb Rempel said...

wow - what a ministry! I'm for sure a fan of your pictures, notes and all the love you're passing out in Jesus name to the next generation! blessings to you - deb rempel