Friday, August 20, 2010

Large Family Thoughts

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Here's an older post from Large Family Mothering.

"We know you believe in God and everything, but He gave you a brain, you know, and He expects you to use it!"

I know I have done lots and lots of stupid things, but having children is not one of them. Having children is just about the smartest thing a person could "choose" to do (God is the one who actually decides--remember the patriarch stories in the Old Testament--God is always the one opening and closing the womb).

Children give you reasons to get closer to God.

Children help you to live a more holy, moral life.

Children are the only investment that has an eternal return.

Children can go out into the fallen world and be lights for Jesus Christ to others who are in darkness.

Children give you reasons to handle your money more wisely.

Children help you to grow up--if you allow them to.

Children keep you healthier--you eat better, and at more regular intervals; you rest more regularly, and you exercise more (you might even take more vitamins).

Children give you joy and all sorts of other happy emotions.

Children keep you from becoming selfish, so that you are naturally a happier person.

Children give God more reasons to bless you financially.

The more children you have, the less likely you are to be lonely and destitute in old age--it is still true, especially when one thinks about the future of Social "Security".

On the other hand, couples who see children as a liability are the ones who are "stupid". I would not like to wake up one day at retirement age and have only money to take care of me...

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