Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Loooots of Catching Up!

It's been something everyday, it seems. The children (and I) are settling back into more structure with school being in session. John, my who-has-time-to-learn-when-I-could-be-outside child, had a true zeal the first two weeks of school. It started to wane the third week. It was a distant memory this week! LOL! Ethan is the eager beaver that the always is in school (but have to drag the child outside). Lydia has really enjoyed working in her workbook. She wants to do page after page after page. Josiah is a bona fide tornado. Of course, isn't that the short definition of a twelve month old? His favorite pastime right now is to go in my room, open the dresser drawers, pull out all the clothes and fling them where he may. If he's feeling very industrious he will put them back. I gave up on folding them back the second day he starting this and resolved to ironing my wrinkled t-shirts. Just another day in my wonderful, joy-filled chaos! :-) I wouldn't trade it for anything.

We had such great excitement last week because the boys' bunk bed came. We bought one 2 years ago from Craigslist. It was a futon over twin and it never really worked well. It served it's purpose but it just couldn't stand up the the punishment that can be given by so many little ones. We tightened our belt and decided it was time for a new one ... after all, the old one had large metal rods jutting out of it!

We now have 3 boys in that room. After a lot of researching, reasoning, and praying we decided to hunt a triple bunk bed with all real wood construction. Sounds like a small thing, but it wasn't! We could find a twin over twin with a captain's bed by it in a corner being advertised as a "triple bunk bed." These were way out of our price range and would take up too much room. We finally found something that would meet our need and we could afford at The Bunk and Loft Factory.

Getting this new bed was such a thrill for my bunch. It was better than anything to them! When we told them that the bed was going to have to be shipped via an 18-wheeler, you would have thought that we had told them we were going to have a surprise vacation to Mars! They were beside themselves that a real "big truck" was going to be coming to our home, no less, with their triple bunk bed. The big day finally came that the bed was to arrive. This naturally meant that every 10 to 15 minutes I was asked "Mom, when's the bed gonna get here?" and "What's taking him so long?" "Does he know where we live?" "Since we're getting a big truck come to our house, do I still have to do school?" "What's the truck driver's name?" "Does he have kids?" and everything else under the sun. This began at 6:15 in the morning and didn't end until he pulled up in our drive at 3 P.M. When the big moment finally got here my husband knew the driver (I tell you, he knows everyone), watched him unload the 575lb crate with a lift gate and then we all toted it piece by piece into the house since rain was in the area.

The bunk bed puzzle now in the center of the living room created so much more excitement. Each child was sure they could put it together with no help from anyone else and each was eager to try. They were also eager to climb all over it and drive Matchbox cars on and through it. I managed to keep the bed from getting scratched and all other perils at bay as well. After Jeremy got it put together the kids got to sleep on it. Lydia wanted to sleep so very badly on it, but we couldn't let her. She still has some overnight accidents and the mattress had no cover on it. She cried like her reason for living was now gone and resolved to have her nap on the new bed the next day.

My dear, sweet husband also installed a small fluorescent light in that room. A ceiling fan once hung where the light is now. We took it down for obvious reasons. (Yes, honey, deep down inside you know that it wouldn't have worked, haha) There has always been low-lighting issues in that room, so the fluorescent light was a blessing. It's also good to keep large rotating blades away from the kids' heads.


The next piece of excitement was Josiah's birthday party, which was the next day after bunk bed day. As always, Mrs. Britney out did herself on Josiah's birthday cake. So, there will be LOTS of cake photos.

The whole cake (the animals are toys, all other decorations are edible)

Closeup of the barn (toys with fondant hay bale)

Piggy sitting in fondant "mud" (love the corn and bib!!!)

Toy hen with nest, also made from fondant (hope I'm getting this right Britney!!)

Then the little man's cake. The critters are picks. The "1" and the polka dots are fondant.

The whole spread on the table cloth which had the red edging (which you can't see) like the cups there on the left.

I can't tell you how much I loved this cake. I mean, Britney's cakes always have the "wow," but this one had the "wow" and the "awwwwwwww."

We opened presents with siblings and cousins...

...then climbed on the presents!

We sang "Happy Birthday"...

He wasn't too sure about the cake at first...

...he examined it for a while...

...and needed some encouragement.

He still didn't seem to thrilled about the whole cake ordeal...

...until he got some more encouragement with the aid of a fork from John, who would have shoveled in the whole cake had I not intervened.

After all this, he was feeling more comfortable with the cake...

...until my Mom had to try ice cream! Too cute! :-)

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Kristy... said...

ok I SOOOOOOOO love your bunk beds and , if we ever have another, we will have to do those in one or the others room.. How nifty...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your handsome little guy. It was fun watching our kids first year together.. I wish we lived closer to experience it in person but, until we meet in the air, this will HAVE to do right?
He is sooo handsome.

Sarah said...

Wow what an exciting time for you all! The triple bunk bed is fantastic...I didn't even know they made them! Loved to hear that your little ones are enjoying being back into 'doing school'...we also are enjoying more of a routine to our day.

Great post Elizabeth! Happy Birthday to Josiah!

God Bless

Zsuzsanna said...

Wow, I never knew they make bunk beds for three kids! That looks great!

Love the cake, too.