Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Field Trip

Earlier in the month, My mother and I took the children on a field trip. The Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida in Pensacola had an open house. They had out the wildlife and allowed the visitors to see the animals up close. Usually when we take a field trip we do it on a Monday. We tend to have a better learning experience since there is more individualized attention. This event fell on a Saturday, which meant there were tons of people there. We had a great time learning about how the wildlife sanctuary takes in injured animals and helps them.

Our trip started with a visit to Krystal. This was the first time my kiddies had been to a Krystal; you'd have thought they had gone to the moon, they were so excited. Notice John pointing out the Krystal logo.

We got to pose for a picture with an owl.

People were tossing fish to the pelicans, a common sight in the Pensacola area, but not so much where we live.

This is a deer that the sanctuary took in. The volunteers told us that a family had taken it in as a fawn, but now that he's grown they had nothing to do with it. Likely, he will live in the sanctuary until he dies.

There was also this fantastic little Celtic group called Sweet Prospect. Since the hammered dulcimer is one of my most favorite instruments, I was glad to stay and listen a while. I even picked up one of the CD's and I love it.

My mom holding Josiah who was completely mesmerized!

After spending about an hour enjoying the animals we headed out. I don't think anyone was quite ready to go home, so we made a few more stops.

We took them out to Seville Square to let them run and play. I explained to them that Pensacola claims to be the oldest European settlement in the US, how the first colony was destroyed by hurricane, and that Seville Square was the location of Pensacola's first colonization.

Across the street is one of the oldest church buildings in Pensacola, the Old Christ Church. Though no longer used for worship service, it's still a beautiful and well-maintained building.

Later we traveled to Pensacola Veteran's Memorial Park, which the kids found to be very interesting. They didn't understand everything, but they seemed to somewhat understand the gravity of the memorial.

A sign near the entrance ... very cute.

The wall displaying veterans' names.

Closer photo shows individual names.

It was insanely hot since there was no shade and we were walking about in midday. I think that everyone was glad to get in some air conditioning! But before one more stop.

But, I really wish they would have kept the old building. It was ten million times cooler.

This building was used until 3 years ago. The inside was just as neat as the outside. Everything was perfectly 1960's. It was like walking straight into that era.

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Kimberly said...

Love a good field trip! It's so nice to get the children outside of the "class{house}room"- We too try to gage our outings to days when the crowds are smaller. The old KK building is just cute, we only got those up here within the last ten years. We don't have Krystal's here, so fun to learn about the different regional businesses we all frequent!

Elizabeth said...

A Krystal pretty much a mini hamburger patty on a dinner roll with pickle and onion. I've never loved them, but they're nice for a change.

Here we don't have Carl's Jr.( but we do have Hardee's, about the same),Jack in the Box, In n Out, and a bunch more. :)

Sarah said...

Great post Elizabeth! I love reading about other families field trips...especially when they are in a totally different country to our own.

The photograph of your children all together on the grass is beautiful!

Glad you guys all had a great time!