Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Treating Asthma Naturally

Some long time readers of my blog will remember how it was that we came to using natural medicine. If you don't, you can check my "Adventures in Homeopathy" series. Although Ethan continues to make progress, peanut season is still hard on him. Just the dust in the air from the peanuts being harvested sends him into a tailspin. Normally he can handle the allergies fairly well, but he's picked up a slight cold. Dealing with both is difficult for him.

Last night his chest was very heavy and he's short of breath. I've been throwing everything in the "medicine" cabinet at him. He is some improved today, but is spending limited time outside. If you could find the time, please whisper a prayer for him.

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Sarah said...

Poor little Ethan! I had asthma as a child so know how hard it is when you feel as though you can't breathe!

My parents went against doctors instructions with my medication...they only medicated when I needed it and not all the time as recommended...as a result my lungs became 'stronger' and they taught me how to control my breathing until eventually I grew out of it.

I do hope that Ethan doesn't have too much of a hard time during this season...I have prayed for him.