Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To Brighten Your Day

The letters are:
The Lord wil tak kar uv as

Being translated:
The Lord will take care of us...just in case you're not used to translating 5 year old writing.

In all the busyness of life, I failed to mention that Josiah has started walking. He has walked the earliest out of my boys, at 12 months. He didn't start walking the earliest overall though; Lydia holds that title, having walked first at 6 months. He's still fairly shaky. It's really just a confidence thing. He's climbing up on everything. He can stand without holding on to the furniture or anything...and he's even starting to try to jump on the trampoline. He should have no trouble with a little thing like walking!

A mouth crammed full of Cheerios!

He's got to get a haircut soon. It will be his first. I usually get the boys' haircut the first time just as soon as it's long enough, typically well before their first birthday. I've waited on Josiah just because his hair is so curly!! Curly hair is so difficult to cut. Some days it's not as curly as other days. I don't mind it being cut, I just want it to be cut well and not chopped up. Hope that makes sense.

Have a happy day everyone!

7 edifying expressions:

Kimberly said...

Oh, those sweet writings! One giant word and phonetic- I like your little "cross" divider that is cute.

Kristy... said...

He is so beautiful.
Abby is walking too but shakey yet.
She is is my latest walker out of all four .... all of mine did by 12 and 13 months.. she turns 15 on weds!!!! CRAZY.

I love his curly hair.. Abby has it too but, I know it wont stay, her hair is identical to Annas whom I thought would stay since I have curly hair... nope... didnt happen.

Kristy... said...

oh, and your little ones note.. SO precious.

Taryn said...

Great Bible name- Josiah. Love that story.

Sarah said...

Haha...so very sweet!...And yes it did brighten my morning!

Aliene said...

Such a sweet note. My children are grown and have children and grandchildren of their own. But i still hold onto little notes or scribblings that they did as babies and children.

Tara H said...

I love the little note! And your Josiah is sooo cute! I have a Josiah too, but he is almost 7 years old. I am loving your blog...I just came across it yesterday.