Sunday, November 7, 2010

Youth Group Singing

When/if the teenagers find out that I put this on the internet, they're probably going to kill me. It is the teenagers singing Nail It to the Cross. Jeremy ripped it from one of the CD's of a church service and saved it. The sound quality is mediocre. My husband is playing the guitar and I'd guess 10 or so teens singing. I'll leave first names out. If I posted that, they really would kill me!

I love this song. I think the teens have begun to loathe it because we've sort of run it into the ground. Just wanted to share. Hope it's a blessing to you.

4 edifying expressions:

Tara said...

I think they did a great job! I've never heard that song before, and I really like it! I love that they're singing out too!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to listen to first thing in the morning.
They did a wonderful job. Look forward to hearing more.
Have a great day and God Bless.

Sarah said...

How lovely Elizabeth! Its so nice to hear teenagers singing songs of worship!

I too think they did a fantastic job!

Deborah Bolack said...

Beautiful song!