Friday, December 3, 2010

More from Vacation Week

Well, we got home on a Thursday and I had made a picture appointment for Friday at 3pm. It took absolutely all day long to find stuff for us all to wear. You have to get the picture here: we had gotten home just in time for bed Thursday and everything was scattered everywhere. Amid this chaos, I am trying to plan family portraits. Oh, it was so difficult, but we walked in the door at the portrait place exactly at 3 pm. I have no idea how it happened, but I'm so glad. Our family does not cope well with tardiness.

They are getting so big!!

Dunno why it's sideways. When I'm uploading it, it isn't. Oh well, just turn your head!

I had so much to do Saturday day. Sunday was Thanksgiving dinner at church. I had stuff to cook from the garden, but I had to do a ham and some desserts too. The house was still a wreck from Thursday. By this time it had grown into a major stress causer. We're literally stepping over and around clutter. Getting the house in order was priority one. We pulled together and had the house spick-and-span by lunch (one of the tremendous blessings of a small house is that it cleans up quick). That left the afternoon to do the grocery shopping.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I got off sorta easy on cooking. Easy isn't the right word because I love to cook. I had to cook a giant pot of greens. I did a pumpkin roll and a pecan pie. Jeremy deep fried a turkey. That was it. The pumpkin roll was a story all in itself. I always have trouble getting the cake out of the jelly roll pan in one piece. For me at least, shortening and flour doesn't work, wax paper doesn't work, silicon baking mat doesn't work, spraying with Pam doesn't work. I know because I've tried them all!!! This year I broke down and used (gasp) parchment paper. I keep it in the house, but I am so stingy with it because it is so expensive. Anyway, I made the cake, baked it and it was lovely and perfect. To make the roll (if you're not familiar with it) you turn it out onto a kitchen towel and roll the cake and the towel up together to shape the cake. Well, I turn the pan up a bit and, slip, the cake falls into a broken heap. So, I actually made two pumpkin rolls. haha. It wasn't that hard to redo, but it took a bit of time. I use freshly ground spices and had to grate another 2 tsps of cinnamon on my Microplane.

This week is so full of stuff to do. We have something every night. The biggest hurdle is my poor Josiah. All of my kids have had some sort of trouble cutting teeth, typically fever and diarrhea. Josiah has had the worst time thus far. Right now he is cutting his 2 upper molars and an incisor, the second tooth left of center on the bottom. His symptoms with it are fever (typically between 101 and 104), diarrhea and severe diaper rash, vomiting and earache. I have never had a child have so much trouble with it! He'll get all these symptoms at once and have lasted 3-4 days. He is on the mend, but is still battling some it. He's one pitiful sight.


On a side note, I really love our homeschool fellowship group. It's a small group made up of mostly large families. The fellowship is just so sweet and I am very thankful to be a part.

Speaking of large families, I have a question for anyone who has an answer. When people say the typical large family comments, what do you say?

Examples of snide comments:
  • Don't you know what's causing that?
  • How many is enough? (or, How many do y'all want, need, etc.)
  • Are you going to have more?!
  • Just wait till they are teenagers.
  • How can you afford them?
or the less rude comments:
  • Are you going to have more?
  • How many do you want to have?
I guess I sort of feel between a rock and a hard place. If you have read Josiah's birth story you know that I will not be having a natural birth, no matter how much it breaks my heart. I'm a lover of home birth, natural health, less intervention and large families. It is very probable that we will not be having more than 5 or 6. It may come to pass that we have to do something more permanent to prevent pregnancy in time. It will exclude ALL abortifacient measures. I feel to respond with "We'll have however many the Lord gives us" is only a half truth. I mean, it is the truth, just from a different perspective. It depends on how I recover from birth to birth. I hope that all makes sense...I'm not even sure if it all makes sense to me.

We (the church) are going to participate in a local Christmas parade again tomorrow. The kids are excited. I hope to have pictures from that.

Oh, and since Josiah has been so fussy lately I decided to learn how to do the hip hold with my homemade Moby Wrap. I did another wrap around to add a little more back support, but it's sooooo useful! Hip Hold How-to video.

4 edifying expressions:

Kimberly said...

Really a family of 4-6 children is medium sized, just most folks don't realize that.... You left off my favourite comment, "Better you than me! I always wanted to say, Yep! to that one, but never did!! Most of the time I just ignored those kinds of comments. Almost everytime I'd hear one of those rude comments, some sweet silver haired {crowned} woman would come over and give me a blessing, and also then include the number of children she had, which was always at least 5.

Your poor Josiah! The baby we watch gets a cold every time she cuts teeth, I think she's about finished now. For a while she was not gaining any weight and quite sickly, it was that she was getting sooo many teeth at once! Oh, those poor babes and their parents!

No doubt your family {ie the # of children} will be that which God has planned for you!

Dawn said...

Love the pictures , you have such a beautiful family . Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving , hope Josiah gets better soon .

bigmalletman said...

I want to see pictures of your Christmas tree.

Elizabeth said...

Christmas tree pictures sounds good, Brother. :) love you.