Friday, January 21, 2011

Flu is EVIL!

I think that we are feeling pretty nigh to 100% ... finally. I don't think that I have ever been so sick that I actually couldn't take care of myself, but this time I certainly was. To boot, I had to try to look after 4 sick little ones too. The kids fared much better than I did. Their symptoms weren't as bad, they didn't have a fever as high as mine.

Thanks so much, ladies, for the advice, especially for fever. Our family nutritionist actually also recommended ginger for fever, but I had never had success with it. My local grocery store, out here in the rural part of the middle of nowhere, does not carry fresh ginger...or much of anything else for that matter. So obtaining fresh ginger would mean a 30 mile drive which may not be practical. That reduced my to try to get along with dried, ground ginger, which did nothing. I think I'd have to order the ginger brew Zsuzsanna recommended online. To save on cost, I even thought about making my own ginger brew, from my own root, but I found out that a good crop of ginger can take up to 2 years to be ready to harvest. Plus it has to be grown in a greenhouse or indoors and I don't have the space to spare. I'm sure we'll think of something.

I managed to grab these pictures while I was sick. What do you do when Mom isn't feeling well? Build a fort, of course.

Lydia was under the fort that the boys built, to the right. She had the good and perfectly girlish idea to decorate their fort. The boys completely objected, which hurt her girlish feelings. I managed to build her a fort also, just for her to decorate. Josiah spent his time in Lydia's fort. Lydia was completely fine with that since she proclaimed that Josiah was now in her club. Silly kids.

Another look at the fort. I just realized in this picture that John's stealing Lydia's dolly. No doubt a prisoner of war!

Here are the kids a little later. By this time they were feeling very badly. It also means that we are another week behind in school. I know I shouldn't be worried about it at all, but it does play on my mind. After all, we should be done with the school year by the first or second week of May. Oh, if you're wondering where Josiah was for this photo, he wouldn't be detached from my hip!

The kids are all close to 100% better. Every once-in-a-while I'll hear one of them hack a nasty cough, but they are mostly well. I still have a pretty persistent cough. For it, I'm taking colloidal silver (we have a homemade silver generator) and mullein. I really hope to be completely better soon.

Tomorrow we're going to a birthday part for a lady in our church who's celebrating her 90th birthday. I think it's pretty exciting!

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Twinkle Toes said...

I totally agree, the flu is EVIL!!! I'm still trying to get rid of my cough and we were sick starting before Christmas :( I've been using raw honey for it, and that seems to help, when I remember to take it! lol... Hope you feel better soon!