Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(Home)School in Lockdown

My husband called me in the middle of school, which is unusual. He doesn't call during our typical school time unless its something important. When he calls he tells me that someone who lives near our rural home asked if I usually locked the door. He answered yes, although I never, ever do. He said that he saw a Department of Corrections truck, a helicopter flying over head and several men with shotguns standing (I think he said) at the end of our little street. There are several prisons within a relatively small radius of our house. Jeremy was checking to see that we were safe, that the children were indoors, and that the doors were locked.

So here we are in "lockdown." LOL! I guess its a lot different than a public school lockdown. The kids have no idea what's going on. John (the most observant of my kids) has asked why I went around and locked all the doors. I've tried to skirt around his questions. The kids continued to do their schoolwork and are now playing cowboys and Indians.

Today I've been a bit more alert to what's going on outside. I checked the revolver to be sure it's still loaded. My conscience will have no trouble unloading it in the face of someone who enters my home. :-)

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Kristy... said...

I am glad that you would have NO troubles unloading your gun if someone should enter in... I very much get annoyed with the people who like to make arguments about Gun Control... Listen... its me and my kids or THEM... Hmm not a hard decision to make in my opinion :)
Hopefully, if someone is on the loose, they get caught really quick like.

Kimberly said...

Born and raised suburban city dwellers, we are so accustomed to locking the doors... I know that feeling of helicopters flying overhead or a police presence in the neighbourhood...if I catch on, I'll get right on the internet to "see" what's going on...It's unsettling.

Lori said...

I grew up in the city also and still have it in me to keep the doors locked and freak out when one is not.

I definitely would not have a problem with unloading the glock on an intruder.

Hopefully, there is nothing wrong and maybe only a garbage detail.

Rashel said...

We have had the same thing happen before. We have a friend that is an officer with the highway patrol, one day he showed up on our porch in uniform. They had been in the field next to us chasing someone that had stolen a car and jumped out on foot. They didn't find him that day and our friend came to check on us and let us know what was going on. We locked down that day. We have also been on "lock down" because of wild animals(a mountain lion seen on our property). I know that is different and it wasn't so much a lock down as it was a kids coming in the house or staying right in the front yard to play. Hope all goes well.