Friday, January 14, 2011

"Lockdown" update

The "lockdown" turned out to be nothing to worry about, I guess. I wasn't particularly worried, anyhow. I more so just found the whole situation to be amusing. :-)

When I posted on Tuesday I was running a mild temperature at about 99.5. I was still pretty energetic and we went on with school even though I wasn't at 100%. By that night, it had fully hit me. What is "it?" The...FLU! Not that I've been to a doctor or anything, just going by symptoms. Nearly all of Wednesday I had a 102 temp. Thursday all 4 of the other kids started with fever and mine went up to 103 or more. Today it has come down a lot, but I'm nowhere near well: very weak, tired and still a little fevered. I have a very adorable photo I'll share when we're all better.

School has been unfortunately delayed. I'm not too happy about being another week behind. We're not really "behind" since the kids are on lesson 93 out of 170 lessons. We like to be finished in April and it looks like that's not going to happen. I like for our summer to run from May 1 to July 31. It really works out so well for us.

Anyway, I'm trying very hard to treat this flu naturally and honestly, I'm just not that good at it yet. I never know what to do for fever. I don't treat a fever until it gets over 101, but when mine got up to 103.5, something had to be done. I'd love to hear some natural remedies to help with flu, especially getting down a high fever.

Until I feel well again...

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Aliene said...

Hope all of you are getting better.
This was my first week of home schooling with my grandson in 9th grade. A little confusing at first, but I'm getting it.

Twinkle Toes said...

Sorry you're not feeling well! We just finally got over the flu as well. (I still have the cough though) What worked for us was...
Chicken soup (preferably from scratch)
Colloidal Silver
Vitamin D (You can take alot of it!)
Vitamin C (Lots of it!)
Garlic (capsules and oil in the ears)
Peroxide in the ears also helps prevent the spread of the flu and really does help with symptoms too!

All of this is natural easy to do, but since it's natural it will probably take a little bit longer to work. For fevers, I'm with you I try not to do anything unless it gets high and the person is miserable. (If it's not 103 or more I usually won't do anything unless they're miserable) But I do use tylenol and ibuprofen. I just alternate every 3-4 hours at most (that way you're only getting each one every 6-8 hours) or just give which ever one is next when the person feels bad. I'm sure you already know all this :) I know that feverfew will help with fevers, but I've never used it. There are also some homeopathic remedies that work pretty well for a moderate fever. Anything high that won't come down naturally I stick with meds.

I hope you start feeling better soon!

Zsuzsanna said...

Reed's ginger brew always works for us in bringing down fevers super quickly, and stopping throwing up. I had the flu last month and fought drinking it for a couple of days because I really don't like ginger, but within a day of forcing down a bottle I was completely cured. Each bottle has close to an ounce of fresh ginger in it, I guess that kills any bugs.

Sarah said...

Elizabeth, I'm so sorry to hear that you are all unwell. Hopefully at this stage you are on the mend?

I agree with Zsuzsanna; ginger usually works for us. Though I usually boil up some fresh root into a 'tea' with some fresh lemon juice and honey. I think it tastes really yucky...but it does seem to do the trick!

Hope you are all feeling better soon!