Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking a Deep Breath

The Christmas holidays came and went in a whirlwind. We took a grand total of 3 weeks off and got back the grind next week. Tomorrow will start our second school week of 2011. I suppose that I've had the time to blog, I'm just having trouble finding what to blog about. Let's just do some random highlights:

  1. We spent the week between Christmas and New Years working on random projects at home, mostly organizational and minor repairs. It can be really interesting doing stuff like this with my kids at their current ages. John is old enough to where he can be some help, but he gets a little overzealous and ends up making a mess of things. Ethan is pretty good help too, but not quite as sure of himself. Lydia and Josiah just go right behind you wrecking whatever it is your doing. :-)
  2. I've decided that I really, really would like to lose about 20 pounds to get within what the CDC calls a healthy weight. I don't know if this is an attainable goal for me, but I'm going to work at it. I'm not really "dieting" but just trying to make even healthier food choices and do some exercises. I had read where someone recommended working out for an hour a day and I laughed out loud. Who has that kind of time?!
  3. I've also decided to try to read through the Bible in 6 months. My husband is reading it through in one month. Here we are 10 days in and he's now in the book of ... err ... 2 Chronicles. I know that would be an unachievable goal for me and I didn't even consider it. LOL Reading it in 6 months will be a good challenge.
  4. Lydia will be 4 and John will be 8 next month. I've been brainstorming birthday ideas.
  5. I've been really impressed with how well the kids are doing in school. Ethan's once chicken-scratch cursive is getting pretty good for a kindergartner/first grader.
  6. I (we) did 7 loads of laundry and, alas, only got about halfway finished.
  7. Jeremy decided to deep clean our bedroom. Anyone else have trouble with your bedroom becoming the catch-all place? Anyway, his project got me to cleaning out the bathroom cabinets. We threw away tons of pharmaceutical drugs and just pure junk that I didn't even know was there. A little blessing of it was that we discovered a leaky, cracked ring in the sink plumbing and missed out on future water damage. Yay!
  8. I am seeming to have a bit of trouble with stress at home lately. I'm getting increasingly frustrated with my boys and I seem to just get worked up over stuff that amounts to nothing. I don't know what the key is to getting them to obey the first time, right away, with a happy heart. Sometimes they do. When they don't though, they do the the polar opposite of what I ask.
  9. We were ecstatic to see my brother and sister-in-law Christmas day. They live over 300 miles away so we don't get to see them as often as we like.
  10. We typically put Josiah in the church nursery. I don't particularly like a nursery, but we usually let him play with the other children. Well, the past 2 or 3 services we've kept him out because he's started to cry when we take him there. I'm proud (of him) to say that he's been NO trouble. I actually had all 4 of them by myself Sunday night (Jeremy was in the sound booth) and we sat on the first row (our usual seat) and all of them were great. John and I even had a good conversation today about Sunday's message.
  11. I was given an iTunes gift card and was delighted to buy Champion Baptist College's CD Because of What He's Done (another credit to Dr. Capaci's ministry) and a collection of opera. The CD is entitled 66 Most Beautiful Opera Arias. Yeah, I like opera. I've only heard a few operas I didn't like.
  12. I've been so disappointed with Rejoice Radio as of late. I'm able to get their radio ministry on my car radio and it's always been a source of great conservative music. They've been throwing in a bit of southern gospel here and there. The first time I heard it I actually checked my radio dial because I thought that I perhaps had bumped it onto a country music station. Now, I'm not against all southern gospel; some of it I really like. The McKameys and the Inspirations are good examples. There have been several incidences where I've actually had to turn off the radio because the music had very loud drums that overtook the melody of the music. Also, some of the singing style has not been to my standards. By that I mean that their style sounds more like Shaniah Twain than conservative gospel music. One time, as a more liberal song came on, John said, "Mom, I don't like that wicked music! Please turn it off!!" LOL Rejoice was the last source of conservative music on the radio. Maybe I could look into getting my iPod to play in the car?
  13. I'd hoped to make Lydia some more nightgowns. I found a cheap, easy pattern. I found cheap flannel. It's not done yet, but I'm not giving up hope!
  14. We're trying to get Josiah sleeping in a regular bed. He seemed so excited to get to sleep on the bed with his big brothers!

Well, he doesn't seem too excited here. LOL Isn't he just adorable?!

And, keeping with tradition we finally made and decorated sugar cookies.

These were actually really good this year. I tried a different recipe.

I hope that everyone is well and I hope to not be away for 2 1/2 weeks again. :-)

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Kimberly said...

I guess that's why stores always have containers and organizational items out right after Christmas, we tend to re-organize space also... Yes, our bedroom is the catch all, it's really annoying, our room is super small, it's right off the kitchen....Our living room is the gymnasium... Boys misbehaving, well, it's challenging to let them flair their "manhood" and remind them that they are still Momma's little charges....Mine are getting to be man sized which just complicates the issue.... I'm trying to get into better physical shape too, the new wii is helping... My sweet baby has made a goal for herself to read the Bible in a year, my goal is to be in the word daily, something I've slid on... Keep your babies with you during church, we did, they all enjoy church now... Our laundry was caught up yesterday, I about fainted!!!