Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Lydia

That's right! My only little daughter is officially 4. Doesn't the time fly? As I was tucking her in a few nights ago, I looked at her little face and thought, "She looks like a kid and not a baby." Four, it seems to me, is a real milestone. It seems to be the age when they really start to leave the last few babyish mannerisms behind. Their attention span is longer. They become more interactive, more observant.

Four things I love about Lydia:

  1. She's my only little girl. I'd love to have another, but for now, she's the only one.
  2. She loves anything and everything PINK!
  3. She (finally) ditched the pull-ups at night.
  4. She has a tiny screechy voice which sounds too cute when singing. Probably something only a mother could love!

The birthday girl (with cousin Mia) and a BB gun she got from Paw-paw and Nana. This is the usual 4th birthday gift from them.

She forgot to wait for everyone to sing "Happy Birthday." I had to relight the candles. LOL

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Sarah said...

Wow Elizabeth your little girl sure is growing up fast! I'm so glad she had a wonderful 4th birthday!

I know what you mean about our children starting to look mature! My little guy is three and when his baby sister was born just five weeks ago, I suddenly saw that he wasn't my baby made me kind of sad!

God Bless