Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday John!

For my oldest and first-born son. I just am amazed how quickly the years are rolling by!

Eight things I love about John

  1. He is my outdoorsman! Just a few weeks ago he heaved a heavy sigh as we were driving through a suburb and said, "I'm sure glad we don't live where the houses are stacked up on each other." (and we're talking 1/2 acre lots) "I'd be so sad."
  2. He seems to have a natural aptitude for music and is excelling at the piano.
  3. He is a near perfect likeness to my husband, especially in personality.
  4. He has a sincere desire to do good and right in God's eyes.
  5. He's still my number one helper. He loves to help in anyway and loves to do it.
  6. He's a great communicator, for his age of course.
  7. He is great at memorizing Scripture.
  8. He's great with tools and machinery.

He's got a growing-boy-sized appetite, too!

5 edifying expressions:

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday to John! I was just saying to my Hubby, how I thought when my oldest was at certain tender ages, How old she seemed to me; now that the younger four are passing through those ages, they seem so young!

88f sounds fabulous, it's 28f right now and only going downward!!!

Juleface said...

Happy Birthday John!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday John!

Elizabeth, I loved reading the list of lovable things about your son! I hope he had a wonderful day!

God Bless said...

oh awesome! happy birthday to him!

Tori said...

Oh well than happy birthday John!