Friday, February 18, 2011

Who's the Best "Cooker?"

(For any UK readers, "cooker" is going to refer to "one who cooks" and not to a stove/range. Just a little FYI there. :-D )

John, after eating a big bowl of vegetable beef soup: Mom, *rubbing tummy* you are just the BEST cooker!

Me: Thanks, John. I'm glad you liked it.

John: And after you is Pop (my dad).

Me: *giggle* Well then, where does Nana rank? (Nana=Jeremy's mom who loathes cooking. I knew better than to ask about my mother or father-in-law, who do NOT cook)

John: *thinking* Hmmm...actually Nana is the best cooker.

Me: *very confused* Nana?! Nana's the best cooker?

John: Yes, Nana is the best. She makes the very BEST hot dogs!!

4 edifying expressions:

Sarah said...

Elizabeth you just gotta love those hotdogs! What a hoot!

Kimberly said...

So much thinking going on all the time!!

Lori said...

My little Jamie tells me that my Mom makes the best hot dogs!

Aliene said...

Got to make Nana feel good. Even if it is hot dogs. Seriously, i wonder how many families sit down to a good cook meal and eat together. Does make you wonder.