Friday, March 25, 2011

More Baby Details

I have known for a while that we were going to have a new baby. I am now reluctant to share the big news. We, of course, are thrilled. We lost a baby to a miscarriage at 11 weeks in 2008 (between Lydia and Josiah). It's difficult beyond words to go through the elation of a new baby and then the depression of losing one. Furthermore, everyone wants to offer their "comfort" which often does nothing but rub salt in the wound. The most comforting thing was a dear older lady in our church who came to me with puddly eyes and said, "I'm sorry and I understand. I lost one about 45 years ago. You never forget and you never stop loving him."

Anyway, from that point Jeremy and I decided that the easiest and most practical thing to do was to just wait until we're out of the first trimester and we've been to the doctor. The kids have known for about 2 weeks. Something Ethan said to his Sunday school teacher made her ask if we were expecting, but all-in-all they kept it quiet. I was really proud.

We mentioned the new baby at church Wednesday. Our church doesn't have any large families and only one other medium-sized family (5 kids). We weren't sure how the news would go over, even with church people. I think it was mostly well received, but there was some head shaking and frowning. Do people really think that their opinion matters to us? Or maybe they think that our reproductive life is their business. I did have some come to me with sincere well-wishes though.

This will be our fifth baby and fifth c-section. I wish that my first doctor had cared enough to examine the shape of my pelvis with my first or second breech baby. I wish I would have known then what I know now. I would have immediately sought chiropractic care to fix my sacrum. I mean, I knew that I had a misaligned spine, but it never caused me much discomfort. I never made the connection. Hindsight is always perfect vision and dwelling on the past can't change the present.

Anyway, let's not end this post so bittersweet. :-)

"Mom, I was going to get out of bed ... again ... and then sleep happened."

Why is behind the couch the best place to play?

Brothers :-)

Waiting for Dad's goodnight kisses.


We are on the home stretch in school. We should be done April 30th if we take no spring break (and I don't think we need one). I have to decide on what we will do for next school year. When I had Josiah we started back the second week of July and took off the entire month of September. Then we ended up taking off another month when Josiah was hospitalized. I'm really sure that I want to do something else with science. I've never been impressed with A Beka's science program. I've been praying about other core subjects and still have peace with nothing. From what I see of other curricula, deciding on what grade level to put them in is the toughest decision. Ethan would be in kindergarten if he were in the government's school. He's in A Beka first grade right now, a year ahead. With some of the curricula I've looked at, he's already covered whats taught in their 2nd grade. Putting a 6 year old in 3rd or 4th "grade" is intimidating. I've always thought that the hardest part about homeschooling is not actually teaching your kids, but being sure that they are getting what they need.

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Helpful Housewife said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward

I pray to one day be as blessed with children as you.

As for the homeschooling. I was home schooled and I really liked lifepacs. They are all in one and come in small sections the size of magazines. I loved that they didn't require anything extra, were easy to tote around, easy to learn from and I liked being able to see my finished pile grow taller than the to do pile.

God Bless!

Deborah said...

Don't let the negativity of others get to you....your baby is a blessing from God!!
Your story is similar to my daughter's. She had her first 3 babies by c section, then decided to take things out of the doctor's hands and into her own...she researched and also realized a ski accident had caused problems with her pelvis...and found a good chiropractor. She searched until she found a dr who would let her try to deliver naturally...not an easy feat....but found one. I think he was just humouring her...but she was determined and waited until the last moment to go to hospital...she almost delivered her healthy baby boy in the washroom...I think she quite surprised everyone! Then she went on to deliver another baby boy...a couple years later...this time at home in her own washroom....that quite surprised her!
Sorry for such a long comment...just want you to know there are others out there who realize children are a blessing and worth whatever sacrifice it takes. Praying for you!

Bobbin Aubins said...

Congrats!!! How exciting another blessing from the Lord.
I know what you mean by the looks and comments! We got that a lot with our last baby too. Even after going thru a M/C too, people still questions us. It is like "duh" we love our children and obviously wanted more. It is just sad to me that I get so much negative from people at church:-(
I am waiting for my next blessing and it is almost comical when I mention something about it, ladies say things like "I can't believe you are already talking about another one", and "I can't believe your not done"!
My sister and I just recently posted on our blogs about curriculum. :-) I am looking into switching from Abeka, and she has just started Landmark!

Blessed Mom said...

Congratulations! Like you, I've learned to let others comments roll off my back, what does it matter what they say, ya know,they aren't birthing, nursing, or raising any of them!

As to school, it's so hard. We made a switch mid year to something more relaxed...Trail Guide to Learning, and we LOVE it! A good friend of mine recently switched to Landmark, and says she really likes it, it's a lot easier to teach than Abeka,(she has 8 kids), and it's from an Independant Fundamental Baptist organization. If it lined up with our teaching style a little more, I'd use it myself. Anyways, I'm babbling. It's nice to meet you. Blessings and praying an easy pregnancy for you!


Amber said...

I am so happy for yall!!! I think it is so exciting to have a big family!

Tara said...

I use Landmark and love it! I love that I don't have to worry about the Biblical content since they are Independent Baptist. It's also cheaper than anything else I have seen.

Twinkle Toes said...

Congratulations!!! A new baby is DEFINITELY a blessing! It's so sad that people think of them as burdens. My children bring me such joy! I found this helpful as I've been getting unkind comments at church too :D

Just so you all know...I'm the sister and friend that has 8 kids and just switched to Landmark! LOL...So fun to see my 2 best friends comment on the same post!

I am doing a blog series on curriculum. I'm hoping to get some good input from others as well. I have only got one up, but will work on another tomorrow maybe.

It is so hard to know what to do at times. I have really struggled this last 2 years as we didn't have the funds to buy the curriculum I "wanted". The Lord made a way and I now have it. I do like Landmark! It's super easy to use for the most part. The kids are easily able to do 95% (or more depending on their learning styles) by themselves. I like textbook curriculum. I don't like to have to plan things out, I prefer it all laid out for me. I don't want to have to do a lot of teaching. I don't have a whole lot of time for it with 6 kids doing school and 2 toddlers running around :) The fact that it's all KJV is awesome too! So far I love the things they are learning. It's things I've wanted to do for years, but didn't know how! The kids like it too which is a definite plus!

Hubby wants attention now so I better stop :D

Congrats again!

Kimberly said...

Oh boy! A new member to the "Momma of a Handful Club"!!!

Congrats Elizabeth, I will be praying for you and the family!

Taryn said...

Landmark Freedom Baptist is about $40 per subject. sells Rod and Staff's hardcover science(about $11-$17)texts. The teacher's manuals are about the same price and hardcover as well.The sets are about $24-$30. R&S uses KJV Scripture. My son used many Landmark subjects for high school-algebra,geometry,biology(we called them about an error my son found), Bible(as an elective),world history,American history,and english grammar/composition. He liked Landmark but I did cross something out about Marie Antoinette(p.229) in the world history because I always read ahead of my children. We also had many books for references from the older children-Abeka,etc. We didn't like the Alpha Omega lifepacs-see stevenandersonfamily -the post/review on March 19,2010.

Twinkle Toes said...

C. H. Spurgeon wrote, "Are we not in Christ made kings to reign upon the earth? How, then, can we be the servants of custom, the slaves of human opinion? When people say derogatory remarks to you about having more than the usual two children, don't be intimidated. You are not living by humanistic standards but by the eternal truths of God's Word. Never be ashamed of the blessing of children."

Just saw this on my FB page and thought you'd all enjoy it! ♥

Taryn said...

We need to read ahead of our children in books. The line I crossed out that I mentioned in a previous comment had to do with Marie Antoinette being accused of incest(Landmark world history-10th grade-p.229). There was a line about Noah and sodomy that I crossed out in Abeka's Genesis-First Things (11/12th-page 97). We don't believe in that teaching about Noah and his son. Neither does Cathy Burns in her book about Nephilim(p.72-75). We should also watch videos/DVDs before our children do.