Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Politically Incorrect Kids

Zsuzusanna posted today about her children being politically incorrect. Her incident reminded me of one that happened Wednesday at our first doctor appointment. I'll have to fill you in on some background info first.

We were all sitting around while I was filling out paper work. Jeremy was keeping the littler ones entertained. We had turned some heads because of "so many" children. One lady in particular struck up a conversation with the kids. She was so very nice. She was showing the kids pictures on her smart phone of all the backyard creatures her little ones had caught. When her kids catch a frog, lizard, salamander, etc. they give it a name and write its name on its belly with a permanent marker. I thought it was really cute. After this the lady sweetly started telling our kids that her kids had identified many different species. I said to her, "Wow! You're great at that sort of thing. You seem like you'd make a great homeschool parent." She explained that she used to be a public school kindergarten teacher (don't miss that) and that she had often thought about homeschooling her kids. She said that her son falls under the autism spectrum and that he does better in school. I said that I understood; one of my friends has a daughter who falls under the autism spectrum and she thrives in school, while our homeschool evaluator is in the same place and her son did better in homeschool.

Anyway, all this homeschool talk John worked up. He excitedly explained to the lady that "my mommy doesn't like those public schools. They leave God out of everything ... on purpose! You just can't learn where God isn't welcome since the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Then there are Christian schools and, well, they're just like the public schools. They just sprinkle a little God on top..." And on he went.

I was so completely embarrassed. I mean, not that he repeated what we've taught him, but instead the way he told this public school teacher exactly what we had told him at home. Guess that's what kids do though...

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Kimberly said...

Elizabeth, Definitely rejoice in your PI children!!!!

I'm back to blogging, under a new blog called Simply Blessed, after a long couple days and prayer. Your statement about your blog not being a debate etc, kept going through my mind as we were tackling the breach of trust that occurred with our blog.

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