Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hodge-Podge Post

Yes, exactly. I have random bits of this and that to post. Nothing cohesive, just a tad here and there.

  • Okay, I had my first run-in with a little girl who had a head full of pine tree sap. I thought it was going to be an utter disaster! The Lord musta blessed because it came right out. I let it fully dry. I actually thought it was a bit of an ice cream sandwich because I couldn't smell the pine smell over the smell of the shampoo. Here was the remedy: a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil massaged into the hair. It took it a while to get it worked in since it was matted to the scalp. Then I wrapped it up in a plastic grocery sack for about 45 minutes (I don't have a shower cap). I broke up the last bit of sap with my fingers and then went through her hair with a fine-tooth comb. I washed it all out and, voila, it came out totally pain free! Whew!
  • Is Josiah the biggest tornado I've had, or do I forget from toddler to toddler what a mess they make? Just this morning he grabbed a step stool to reach a pint of honey that was left out and made a tremendous mess from head to foot and counter to floor. Then I put him in a shallow tub of water. I went to tend after some laundry to let it soak out. He managed to nearly submerge the bathroom while was gone for about 5 minutes. Then the boys went to try to stop them. They both had red clay on the bottom of their shoes, making a muddy mess everywhere.
  • We have homeschool evaluations in about 3 weeks at 8:30 in the morning. It's about an hour's drive, if not more in rush hour traffic. We'll have to get up before dawn. We're early risers, but not that early. Not looking forward to this day.
  • I'm already having some relatively strong Braxton-Hicks contractions. I always have them, but I don't remember them this early. Maybe it's because I have now actually labored?
    I'm not really concerned, just puzzled.
  • This is the kids' last week of school...that is if they can manage to focus through another week of school. :-)
  • Speaking of pregnancy, I'm also enjoying lots of baby wiggling. I'm getting bumped at the back, front, top, bottom, and all points in between. It's amazing that one little baby can make so much a ruckus!
  • More pregnancy: I have never taken so many supplements in a pregnancy. I'm taking a plant based prenatal, a 3-6-9 omega blend, a vitamin D3 supplement (soy based), and a calcium supplement (kelp and alfalfa). I maybe need to take iron later, but for now I'm good. I usually take iron, pregnant or not, but my prenatal has a good bit of iron in it.
  • I bought a set of hair sticks and LOVE them!!
  • Ethan will be having a kindergarten graduation next week with our homeschool fellowship group.
  • The kids LOVE to swing. Unfortunately they've outgrown the little swing they have now. We bought it when Ethan was younger than Josiah. It's rusty and dangerous. Here it is:
  • Daddy to the rescue though, because he, with some help from his dad, built this kid-tough version with a whopping SIX swings on it:
  • I spent the cool morning on the back porch swing sipping coffee and listening to Mourning Doves and Purple Martins. (Links are examples of their vocalizations) Very, very relaxing. Of course, I only got to enjoy it about 10 minutes, but hey, that's better than zero.
  • Speaking of Purple Martins, we haven't had them in our Martin houses for years, but it looks like either 3 or 4 pairs have set up "house" this year. We had a rat snake clean out all the babies several years back and no birds, other than Marsh Wrens, have used the houses. Here are a pair that I grabbed a photo of this morning, the male being darker in color (click to enlarge.
  • We did have a nest filled with mockingbird eggs, but the eggs have mysteriously vanished. The kids were disappointed, so I don't think they did it. John ransacked a nest once, and was then devastated once I explained to him that those eggs were the mommy bird's babies. But, we do have this next of Blue Jay babies!
  • Josiah can open all doors, which is not good.
  • Josiah also runs directly to the road when he thinks no one is looking. Fortunately, its a probably 100 yards to the road, and a car hardly goes down it. But I'm still not turning my back on him for a second.
  • Okay, I said I wasn't posting any garden photos. Well.......... I LIED! I can't resist!!!!

little-bitty zucchini, though these will be ready before anything else.

Have you ever seen a blooming elephant garlic? Now you have!

These heirloom, non-hybrid watermelons were given to Jeremy by a co-worker. They have yellow rinds and yellow meat. Plus, they're actually thriving. Watermelons haven't done well in the past.

Teeny-tiny baby-sized green beans. The plants are overrun with blooms. Hopefully we'll have a good season with these.

And baby tomatoes! YUMMY!! They've grown a lot since last post. We did, however, lose 2 plants: both of our celebrity tomatoes got some kind of root rot, I guess.

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My family.. In pictures! said...

ok what are hair sticks???
are you finding out what this baby is?
have you discussed names?
your husband is SOO talented. My kids would LOOVE that.
My Abby is quite the tornado herself. I am in awe.. seems they get worse each kid! LOL she is my pistol for sure.
Have a great day!

Kristy... said...

OOOOPs that last comment was from me... OY

Kimberly said...

Good to hear from you Elizabeth! Enjoy the warmth, it's still quite cold here :( Hey, maybe there are two peas in the pod???? I felt more and earlier when I had twins???? I have a question, we don't have any poisonous snakes and only one type of poisonous spider here, you obviously send the children outside to play, what about those venomous critters, are the children trained to avoid those or what????

Twinkle Toes said...

The more kids you have, the earlier the braxton hicks start. At least in my experience. I start contracting around 11-12 weeks with my pregnancies now. I also take chlorophyll to help keep my iron levels up. I get the mint flavor and just add it to my water daily. I like the flavor and it really does work. On the occasion that I didn't do it faithfully and needed iron...The "Energizing Iron" by Enzymatic therapy is the BEST! I hate taking iron supplements due to the side effects and none of the other natural supplements I've ever taken have ever really worked.

Sounds like you've got a lot of interesting and fun things going on around your place :D LOL...I think some toddlers are more tornado-ish than others. My littlest one is pure ornery, but the one before him was AWFUL about eating everything. And I mean EVERYthing! Soap, shampoo, rash cream, deodorant, lotion, etc...anything she could get her hands on, she ate. Different personalities, different naughtiness I guess, LOL

Sarah said...

I loved your 'hodge-podge' post!

WOW...What a fantastic swing set! Your husband did a great job!

I remember getting very strong braxton hicks throughout most of my pregnancy with unnerved me a little at first, but then I just got used to it. My midwife said that when you have had multiple pregnancies that can happen...I don't know if I believed her or not ;)

I'm so glad that your pregnancy is going well! And that you are finding some time to rest!

Thank you for the update and photographs!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for the complements on the swing. I'm pretty excited. Jeremy's ego will be huge after he reads all these praises. :-P

Hair sticks are fancified chopsticks, pretty much. They're usually made of plastic or metal so that they slip through the hair easier than wood. Mine are a cheap set...just for learning. I can put my med-fine texture hair up in a bun with no ponytail holder or hair pins! Yay!
I would probably like a surprise on this one, Jeremy (and the rest of the family) want to find out. I'm about 80% sure it's a girl. We only have 1 early name favorite, Naomi, but we don't decide for sure until about 32-35 weeks. Naomi is one of my Bible heroines. Although most preachers I've heard preach her as a "bad-guy;" I just don't see it.

I really, really wouldn't be surprised if I had two peas in here! When I had my first ultrasound, I was shocked when she told me she saw only one. I began noticing movement at about 12 weeks. My HCG levels have to be high because of unusual changes in my details. LOL Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I have always wanted twins. Well.... you wouldn't think I was nuts. ;-)

On the snakes and spiders...we have 4 lots that are contiguous to ours, 2 are wooded, 1 is cleared of trees, and 1 is lived on. Each lot measures between 1 and 1 3/4 acres. They are allowed to play on these lots, but they were not allowed to play, even on our own lot, until they knew what to do in an emergency. There are 6 poisonous snakes and 2 poisonous spiders in Florida. They can easily identify the spiders. I have personally seen several snakes on our land. When the kids are in the woods, they are always snake-conscious. They have even come up on a snake in the woods and done amazingly well, obeying my instructions perfectly. They can catch spiders, but never ever a snake. They know the difference between most venomous and nonvenomous snakes, but all snakes are off limits.

Thanks for the iron advice. It's something I battle, pregnancy or no. The toddler advice makes me feel a bit better knowing that it may just be him. As a mom, I of course say, "I'm not watching him as diligently as I did the others." But when I had only 2 kids, Ethan was one who ate everything, like the daughter you mentioned.

Bobbin Aubins said...

Fun happenings! Love the swing set:-) I too had earlier contractions with the more pregnancies I have had.
I loved being surprised with our #3, we had a 1 boy and 1 girl so far and were blessed with a girl. We have found out with the last two #'s 4 and 5 and another 1 of each. So I asked hubby if we can let the next one be a surprise. That is when and if there is a next one. :0) Just waiting:-)
BTW I finally got some grits! Yea:-) I added raspberry yogurt and it cools it to the perfect temp and taste so yummy. We loved it!

Taryn said...

I remember the days of evaluations. For years I have administered a test($25) from Seton Testing Service to my child/children. We started home educating in the eighties in South Florida. The first time I had the children-the 3 oldest at the time-evaluated at a teacher/homeschooler's house I didn't know she required us to bring our books with us. We had to go back to our house to get them. That was the last time I did that. We found a teacher/homeschooler who came to our house. In New York(Long Island) we can evaluate up to 5th grade if I remember correctly. Every year we used the Spectrum Test Prep books at Timberdoodle. Now our youngest is 18 and we are ordering our last Seton test-12th grade- next week. Wow-something negative about Naomi-I've never heard that. That's interesting. Great post.

Tara said...

I think the tornado is in the name "Josiah"! Our Josiah is our second born and he is 7 years old. He is by far our most rowdy child!

I love all the garden pictures.

Dawn said...

I love the name Naomi , I started having early contractions with Leah and I couldn't remember having them with my first two even though I may have but my ob said that she knew some women that had them throughout there whole pregnancy . Glad to hear your doing good .