Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I know that I'm not too diligent at posting photos. It's just such a pain! But I love pictures, and I'm sure that everyone else does too. Here's some of what we've been doing recently.

A few weeks ago we all went to a golf course at a local (remembering that nothing here is too local lol) community college. Yes, I mean all 6 of us on a golf course. Lydia and Josiah both have no idea how serious a wound from flying golf ball can be, so you can imagine the "action" in this afternoon.

Lydia was content, instead of golfing, to blow dandelion seeds.

But later she got Dad to show her how to golf.

She was also a huge helper in pushing Josiah around the course. Normally I'm a very "let-them-walk-and-learn" sort of parent, but Josiah kept trying to walk in front of one of the boys who was about to swing a club. Dangerous!! Anyway, here she decided to decorate his head...because everyone needs flowers on their head according to Lydia!

Ethan was really funny on this trip. First, he had to get completely decked out in his golf stuff: his golf gloves (a set of lime green gardening gloves) and sunglasses (a pair of protective glasses from a Nerf set he got for Christmas. Daddy kept telling him to aim to where he needed to hit the ball. So, he'd take his finger and draw a straight line from his ball to its intended destination.

Here's a shot of John as he'd just whammed a golf ball.

My mom and dad had spent the weekend at my brother and sister-law's in Gainesville. We had planned a big field trip to Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna. We got to hear how the caves were formed over billions and millions and trillions and zillions of years. *eye roll*

We did get to enjoy some great formations...

...see some wildlife, up-close. Here, a salamander.

We saw several fossils trapped in the rocks. Here is a fossilized shark tooth.

I cannot believe that I'm posting this photo. I'm only 17 1/2 weeks pregnant, but I'm already getting that fat, swollen, pregnant woman look. I'm not one of those beautiful pregnant women with a beach ball belly: I'm pregnant over every square inch of my body!! Anyway, here's me and Jeremy, the kiddies and my mom and dad.

We had a picnic lunch under a nice pavilion with a playground, which was really fun.

We threw the Frisbee some, one of my very favorite things to do!

After lunch, we took the kids on a hike. It was a miracle that we survived because of the horrendous mosquitoes. I mean, being a lifelong Floridian, I am very, very accustom to mosquitoes. I brought bug spray, which had no effect on the mosquitoes. Here hubby is swatting them away. Mental note: next time, bring spray that is 100% deet!!

The garden is also coming along very nicely. There's always no shortage of help.

If you click on the image, you can probably see the purple blossoms on the potatoes. We should start turning these over in about 2 weeks! Yummy!

Every season I want to post every little detail about our garden. Since I've done it so many years in the past, I'll spare you all. :) I couldn't resist showing you the pretty little blooms on our tomatoes.

The other kids did lots of helping in the yard this day also. Here they are taking a play break. I loved this picture because John is attempting a backflip, which he always lands on his back and not his feet.

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Sarah said...

Yay photographs! Ha, loved the one of Josiah with flowers on his head! Sisters! I must say that you look great Elizabeth and certainly do not look pregnant all over your body, lol!

Glad you have been enjoying some quality family time!

Gob bless

Tara said...

Great pictures! I love getting outside with the kids and taking pictures. Being on a golf course with all of them does sound a little scary though. Your husband looks really tall like mine...my hubby is 6'4" and I'm 5'1". Hopefully our boys will get his height! ;) You don't look like a swollen pregnant woman! :)

Zsuzsanna said...
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Kristy... said...

Your children are of coarse BEAUTIFUL... I am with others... You dont look pregnant ONE BIT... You look amazing!!!
I have never golfed... but, told my husband this year that I wanted to.

Tara said...

Elizabeth, this is completely unrelated to this post but I have a question for you...I know you rarely take your kids to the doctor. I was wondering what you do for a croupy sounding cough? I hate taking them to the dr for that because all they do is give them a steroid and antibiotic. So I would love to know what I can do at home for my 2 year old. Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

If you're meaning like a dry, barking cough that just won't go away, I deal with that with my Ethan fairly often. His is cough is usually from allergy-induced asthma. Sometimes I can identify the allergens, sometimes I can't. The symptoms are similar. Ethan no longer wheezes with his asthma, but he gets a violent, barking, croupy cough that is asthmatic. He gets short of breath also. I posted a series about how we came to natural medicine here: http://thebondurantfiles.blogspot.com/2009/03/adventures-in-homeopathy-pt-1.html It's a long series!

If this is an ongoing problem, I would start by having him tested through applied kinesiology. Your local health food and herb store can probably refer you to someone trained in how to do it. Our store has one working on staff. If all else fails, you could ask a chiropractor too. This will let you know where he is deficient in minerals. When we had Ethan tested the first time, his manganese was completely depleted. His magnesium and potassium were also very low. Then you can start building him back up through a specialized diet.

For Ethan I use stinging nettle extract daily. This helps with allergies. I also give him Body Balance daily. It's a product of Life Force International. It's made from sea vegetation and contains minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and lots more.

When he gets a cough I cut out all acidifying foods and give Body Balance twice a day. I also add licorice root extract to the nettles and give it 2 to 3 times a day, instead of just one. If he has a sore throat, I may make a stinging nettle hot tea with honey and licorice extract instead of just the extracts. This will usually turn him around very noticeably within 24 hours and he'll be fully well within 72.

Hope this helps.