Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring ... What?!

otherwise entitled (after original publication)...
Geometrically Correct vs. Politically Correct"

Has anyone else read the article where a Seattle school changed the name "Easter egg" to "spring sphere?" Okay well, I thought I'd sound off on this one. First, in light of other rulings regarding public education and religion, I understand why the word of "Easter" was taboo. Although, Easter is far from being a Christian holiday. That's beside the point.

Why in the world would someone call an egg, a sphere?! Okay, there are types of eggs that are spherical (some fish eggs, e. g.), but a spherical, avian egg is an oddity.

I can imagine:
kid: Hey mom, look at my spring spheres!
mom: spheres?! That's not a sphere.
kid: oh yes it is. My teacher said so.
mom: no, this is a sphere. *showing ping pong ball*
kid: well my teacher said this egg was a sphere....

So, these elementary school kids are probably encountering the word "sphere" for the first time. They get older and into middle school math, where their math teacher says, "Can anyone tell me what a 'sphere' is?" The kid raises his hand and says, "Yes. It's an egg shape!"

Okay, this really is my mild OCD kicking in here, I'll admit. But why not just call the crazy thing a spring egg, or spring ovum, or spring oval. Or better yet, just forget the whole matter.

That's today's rant!

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Twinkle Toes said...

LOL...I never realized our chickens were laying sphere's before! All this time I thought they were oval shaped??? People are so odd! But I'm with ya on the OCD! I did a "fun survey" about it and I'm way over the top OCD! LOL!

Kimberly said...

That's Seattle for ya! Hadn't heard that story yet, but I'm sure it'll eventually be heard.

Sarah said...

Haha! Elizabeth I just loved your imaginery conversation between Mom and Kid! Spring spheres! Imagine the odd-ball who thought up that one! Thanks for giving me a giggle! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Sarah, my dear,
Odd-ball?! Tell me your not trying to slip a pun in here, are you?!?!?

(I'm a sucker for a good pun :-D )

Taryn said... has an online tract about Herod's Easter(Acts 12 KJ). has Easter info(in the middle,on top-under What's new).

Lori said...

That's public school education for you! No wonder we have a messed up society. The poor children that are being tugged between the truth from the parents and the stupidity from the schools. It's CRAZY!