Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Closing Out a Busy Month

The only way to close out a crazy-busy month is with a super crazy-busy weekend, right?

Thursday was another trip to Pensacola. Trips to town are always exhausting. Since school's been out, I've been working on the cleaning out the school room. Needing some more organizational storage, I bought another bookshelf. After this was a trip to that fantastic little homeschool consignment store I've mentioned a few times. I found out they have a website, although it isn't too user-friendly, imo.

Friday was spent in the school room mostly.

Saturday morning Jeremy took the kiddies out to his mom and dad's to help get fishing rods ready for a fishing trip on Monday. While he was out, he made Josiah's day by buying him a belt from a local shoe shop. He is SO proud of it and wears it all the time. No really...ALL the time. See?

Saturday afternoon the children were invited to a birthday party. This was a real treat for my kiddies. It was a water party. There was a water slide and a few pools of various sizes. My kids have never been to a pool party...ever. We generally do no swim in public. The "why" behind it is simple. I don't expect everyone to believe just like our family. By this I mean that although Lydia and I swim in a dress, I don't expect everyone to. I don't want my kids to see more at a pool than what they'd see at Walmart. To put it bluntly, I don't want the kids thinking that it's okay to run around outdoors in underclothes just because they're getting wet. Nakedness is nakedness, no matter where you are or who you're with. At this party though, the kids were all dressed to some extent (as in shirts and at least shorts). They had SO much fun!!

Sunday we planned on having dinner at church. This meant that I woke up early enough to make au gratin potatoes, a boiler or peas with snaps and okra, and a peach cobbler and was at the church by 9:15. The morning service was immediately followed by dinner, which was immediately followed by an afternoon service. Once I got home and settled, it was off to Walmart to prepare for Monday.

Monday was a really fun day for everyone. First was a nutritious breakfast of doughnuts and chocolate milk. With the energy that followed, this may not have been a great idea. :-)

Can't eat it without wearing it!

I couldn't get a smiley picture out of this one...had to settle for a silly one.

We got out to Jeremy's mom and dad's house by 6:30. There is a nice catfish pond owned by some Mennonite people (about the nicest people you'll ever meet). They sell a variety of produce and, although we have an expansive garden, we don't raise butterbeans. I put in my order for one bushel of speckled butterbeans, shelled.We started fishing around 7:15. Ethan (the angler of the family) has bragging rights to catching the first fish, but I couldn't nab a picture of it.

I did get a photo of John reeling one up to the shore.

Here is Nana helping Josiah fish. He was so funny because at first he was terrified of the catfish. They'd flip and flop around and he'd run off screaming. He did get used to it, but it was really funny for a while there.

The funny-person-of-the-day award probably goes to Lydia. First you have to imagine a very prissy 4-year-old girl. All fishing stuff is yucky. She'd not stand, but sit on the bank. Every time a fish would jump on her hook she'd sheik with excitement, "I GOT ONE!!!!! PAW-PAW I GOT A BIIIIIIIG ONE!!!!!!" Everyone on the lake, and every other lake, knew when Lydia got a fish. Jeremy said he just knew that she was going to get so excited that she was going to throw her hands up, drop her pole. Which would mean that the fish would be lost, dragging the whole rod, reel and all out to the bottom of the lake. Fortunately, she didn't. She would reel in the fish and reel and reel and reel. Then she'd announce, "whew, I'm tired. Someone get this fish for me." When she gave up her rod, she'd say, "I'm so tired. I need a drink!" and she'd climb up into one of the chairs. The picture above is her first fish she caught that day. Paw-paw tried to get her to touch it (in the back, mind you, since catfish have venomous spines at their dorsal and pectoral fins) but she told him it was yucky and that it needed to go in the ice chest.

In the afternoon we invited my parents and Jeremy's parents over for a fish fry. Oh, it was sooo good too. We had the catfish caught earlier in the day along with some fried grouper, oysters, cole slaw, hushpuppies, baked beans, French fries and a chocolate cheesecake that Jeremy's mom brought. My dad makes the very best hushpuppies known to the human race, if you'll allow me to brag.

May has been a good month, although its been beyond busy. I really hope that June slows a bit. :-)

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Taryn said...

Thank you for the web site. I'll give it to my daughter-in-law. My oldest granddaughter is 4. I recommended Abeka(KJ), Christian Liberty Press's kindergarten readers(and Phonics workbook), CLP's Preschool book, CLP's Noah Webster's Reading Handbook-and the Rod and Staff(KJ) Readers(grades 1-4). I think mostly Abeka is good for high school. I told her to order any Abeka books that Christian Liberty Press has-with CLP's reasonably-priced answer keys. My children really liked Abeka's history and science. Then to comply with New York State I recommended the Spectrum Test Prep Booklets through Seton Testing then the Seton Test at the end of the year.

Taryn said...

After looking over Christian Liberty Press's Noah Webster's Handbook for Reading, I like the Abeka Handbook for Reading better. There is a mistake on the page for long vowels-they picture an egg that they use for the short e. A few pages after that there is a long e page with an eagle at the top of the page,so the egg is a mistake. They have an umpire man for the short u and I prefer Abeka's umbrella for u. We use eskimo for the short e and igloo for the short i. There are a few other things I didn't like about the Noah Webster's Handbook for Reading.