Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trivia Question of the Day

Let's see who can figure out what this is. I'll give only one hint: I have exactly 23 images on my camera very similar to this one.

This could get interesting... :-)

3 edifying expressions:

Sarah said...

Erm...this is tricky! Is it fingers touching red cloth?

Kimberly said...

Little knees and legs- Put the camera up higher, find a better hiding spot, from the little photographer!!! One time, back in the days of film, a roll had the garbage can, the dishwasher, and an incriminating photo of the user, who happened to be about 3 at the time! I'll tell you though that child is pretty good with the camera now and I trust him with the big camera.

char said...

Looks like fingers to me. Probably of the child that got ahold of your camera and starts snapping pics? Thats what happens with mine anyway. I always find pics that my girls have taken!