Friday, June 3, 2011

PepsiCo Using Aborted Tissue for Taste Research

One of my little summer projects is that I've been looking for free apps for my iPhone that play quality conservative Christian music. I've gotten a player for FBN, BBN, and others. I had the brainstorm to look for a player for VCY America because I like to listen to their show Crosstalk. Now, I very seldom get to listen to this broadcast because the program lasts an hour and getting a whole hour to just listen to a radio show is about impossible in a busy house like mine. Anyway, these are just minor details really, but I'm just the sort of person to give you all the minor details. haha

Children of God for Life was a ministry that I had never heard of until Twylia mentioned them on her blog a while back. Crosstalk (VCY America) mentioned on their show that Children of God for Life was calling for a boycott of PepsiCo and the products that they sell. PepsiCo partners with a company called Senomyx. This company is using human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293) to further their flavor research. In an excerpt from its response, PepsiCo wrote "This will help us achieve our commitment to reduce added sugar per serving by 25% in key brands in key markets over the next decade and ultimately help people live healthier lives."

It seems to me that at a time people saw themselves as justified to use murdered babies for medical research, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and the like. We learned that the innocent were being used in some cosmetics. Now, aborted babies are used for the pleasure of taste. "Live healthier lives" is their wording, but omitting sodas and artificial sweeteners would be the answer for those who are truly interested in health.

A printable .pdf of items which fall under Children of God for Life's boycott.


In totally unrelated news, there is a 1,500+ acre forest fire near our home. Yesterday it wasn't much of a bother because the wind was blowing the fire away from our home. With the calm winds last night, there is so much smoke everywhere. For us, its not really more than a nuisance; we're not in danger or anything. I hate it for Ethan though. The extreme heat we've had lately, in excess of 100ยบ, has been hard on him. Throw in a head cold, high particulate matter from months without significant rainfall, and now smoke and more particulate matter from a massive fire and it's not going to be good for Ethan. I'm not one on "preventative medicine," but I think I'm going to start giving him licorice to strengthen his lungs.

In more unrelated news, while I was typing this post someone managed to take my favorite hymnal, put it in the bathroom sink and turn on the water. I've asked all of them and no one did it. That's what I get for being distracted by this post. haha

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Twinkle Toes said...

Wow..that's disgusting! Hadn't heard of that yet... :P

Anonymous said...

Tissues from one aborted fetus. A new fetus doesn't get aborted every time they need a new tissue sample, they instead keep the template cells from the first sample alive and they can use that sample to create a near-infinite source of embryonic tissue.

The abortions are going to happen anyway. Why shouldn't science utilize what we can from the procedure? Murder is a tragedy, but no one would suggest that the organs of murder victims shouldn't go to people in need. I don't see any moral difference between donating the organs of a murder victim and utilizing the cell sample of an aborted fetus.

Sarah said...

Urgh! I would like to be able to say that I am amazed...but the truth is I'm just not shocked anymore! Its just disgusting!

Yeah I'm with you Elizabeth, "Live healthier Lives"...umm just drink less soft drinks!

BTW...congratulations! You are one of the winners on my blog giveaway...but my blog is acting funny so I don't know whether the post is visable as it is not showing up on anyone elses blog lists that I am on? I'll have a tinker with it and see...

Elizabeth said...

It would not matter if it were one baby or one million babies. Those who have a core pro-life, in contrast to "anti-abortion" would oppose taking the life of the unborn no matter how great or few the number. While it is true that abortions are going to happen anyway, as a pro-lifer who rejects the use of embryonic tissue even in medicine, the thought of exploiting the unborn to make a better Pepsi is beyond the pale.

The only moral difference that I see between donating the organs of a murder victim and utilizing the cell sample of a baby is that the murder victim at some time voiced his wishes for his organs to be used for others. The baby did not even have the chance to breathe, much less make such a weighty decision as this. As an organ donor myself, I understood that I would no longer need the services of my earthly body and signed a consent to allow it to better the life of others.

Bobbin Aubins said...

So sad:-( I know that it is happening and that it will continue, but it still is so sad. I think that while we use "donated organs" from murder victims we all would agree that if someone were to murder a 19 year old girl that the murderer should have to pay. Crime and Punishment! Also that the 19 year old girl would have made the "choice" herself to donate her organs.
Our society is becoming more and more desensitized to the reality of what really goes on during an abortion.

Anonymous said...

I comment as anonymous, but I definitely DO NOT agree with and did NOT write the recent anonymous comment about the aborted fetus tissue. I am NOT for abortion, and never have been. Just wanted to let you know that I am NOT the anonymous who wrote supporting tissue sampling!

Taryn said...

I will not sign a consent to be an organ donor. Years ago, I read a book by home educator, Mary Pride(and Paul deParrie)- Unholy Sacrifices of the New Age. The heart has to be beating to keep an organ healthy. The person is alive and that is New Age Medicine.

Taryn said...

I believe that life begins at conception and ends when the heart stops beating-death. I do not believe life begins as the pro-birth control people say-at implantation(of the uterine wall). I do not believe death is when the heart is still beating. In poor countries husband force their wives to donate a kidney so the husbands can get the money. There is documentation that if you are an organ donor "they" will not try as hard to save your life. The book I mentioned in a previous comment tells of brain-dead people who have come back to life when brain healing occurs. My children know that I will never ask them for an organ donation-I'm 55 and ready to go to my heavenly home. I have seen older people in churches ask their children for an organ and they didn't live much longer-and there were complications. I have read of Christians persecuted in other countries and kept alive for forced organ donations. I could go on but I'll end my comment now.

Taryn said...

I just have to say this- Does an organ donor have a say where their organs go? Can they say that they do not want their organs,eye tissues,etc. to go into a transgender or homosexual or someone who would grow up to be one of those? Christians, we need to pray about this. We shouldn't be so quick to tell girls to give up their babies for adoption either- unless maybe if they know the couple and they don't believe in divorce and are King James Bible Christians. Mary Pride explains in her books that the churches should be helping these women keep their babies.

Taryn said...

I won't use Bob Jones science textbooks because years ago I bought one and it had a pro-organ donation section. I think it was the 7th grade book.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you oppose abortion is irrelevant. I'm plenty opposed to murder and yet I still think that if the organs of murder victims can do good in the world, then that good should be done, regardless of the tragedy surrounding it. Can you imagine how crazy it would be if the mother of a murdered child said, "I'm not going to donate my child's organs because I don't condone murder!"

HEK293 has more uses than just making better tasting-soda. HEK293 has also been used to produce therapeutic proteins and viruses for gene therapy. HEK293 might very well help save or improve countless lives, if it hasn't already. If you really were as pro-LIFE as you claim to be, then you would recognize that protesting products developed using embryonic tissue is pointless. The fetus stays dead, and millions of people suffer or even die. Is that really the pro-life view?

Besides, how is it exploiting the unborn? The abortions don't occur for the purpose of harvesting tissue, the abortion would have happened anyway and it's not like the procedure can harm the fetus any further. The mother gave permission for the tissue to be used for research.
How is that exploitation?

Minors can't consent to become organ donors; that decision belongs to the parents. I'm pretty sure the unborn would be counted as minors. So I still don't see any difference between donating the organs of an infant and utilizing embryonic tissue.

Elizabeth said...

I quickly weary of debating.

You said, "HEK293 has more uses than just making better tasting-soda."

Yes, I believe that I said that in so many words when I said I "reject[ed] the use of embryonic tissue even in medicine."

You said, "If you really were as pro-LIFE as you claim to be..."
You will not attack my position on my blog. My beliefs are not subject to your scrutiny.

You said, "So I still don't see any difference between donating the organs of an infant and utilizing embryonic tissue."
Fine. I didn't post my comments to try to change your mind on the matter. You are entitled to your belief just as I am, though through the Word of God, I find yours to fundamentally be in error.

Elizabeth said...

I consented to being an organ donor before I was a Christian. It has been something that I have thought, from time to time, to opt out of. For now, I have done nothing to change it.

I generally do not read books dealing with the occult and new age teaching. I did try to read one (from Christian perspective) and it felt so terrible to even read the stuff that was in it, that I said I would not read any more. I can't describe it. It almost felt like I could feel evil in my presence when I read about it.

With you, I would never ask for an organ donation for myself because I am secure in my eternal destination. Until I finally get around to changing my organ donor status, I would have no problem with my organs being donated to a lost sinner. Perhaps in the extra time added to their life they will trust Christ and turn from their sin. Who knows?

As far a BJU goes, I would not use any thing from BJU Press because they are not King James only, but simply prefer the King James to other English versions. The university believes the KJV-only position to be a "heresy" and "in a very definite sense, a blasphemy."

Taryn said...

I didn't know that about Bob Jones. I always wondered if they were KJ-only. I was told they use KJ Scriptures in their books(like Alpha Omega Publications-which I don't like). Years ago, we used a Bob Jones spelling book that one of my daughters liked. This book by Mary Pride is about this topic-abortions,vaccines,etc. It is a pro-life book as it says on the back cover. Mary Pride and her family's web site is the hyphen) and their magazine is Practical Homeschooling magazine.

Taryn said...

I have all of Mary Pride's books-The Way Home(Beyond Feminism,Back to Reality), All the Way Home, Schoolproof, and the one I mentioned in a previous comment. She is pro-home birth,anti-birth control,pro-home education, anti-tv,etc. and writes about these subjects in her books. She wrote the book with Paul deParrie about the medical industry. One chapter is titled-Idols in White Coats.

Taryn said...

I do have a book on Occult Symbols by Christian author,Cathy Burns. I think it's a good history book. I have read it with our 3 daughters-in-law and my daughter discussing why my 5 granddaughters(and us) should not have symbols on their clothes like the peace symbol,mandalas(Hindu floral designs),elves,etc. I bought it through although Cathy Burns has a ministry called Sharing(no web site). That web site is KJ-only and has great charts comparing the King James Bible with the modern, corrupt versions. The book has a chapter on the history of make-up and jewelry(birthstones have origins in astrology,etc.). Cathy Burns has a great tract on divorce and remarriage that I have, also, shared with others. I have many of her books,etc.

Elizabeth said...

I did not know that about BJU either. During the very short time that I attended a Bible college, I took a King James Bible course. The teacher taught about different beliefs of people who call themselves "King James Only." The stand of BJU was discussed among these. That's how I came to learn about it.

I'm sure you are right that they use KJ in the vast majority of printed texts. According to D. A. Waite, other versions are sometimes cited in the classroom.

I have to say, too, that I have not ever fully considered using anything from BJU press. The first thought I had was, "Ack! Not KJO!" If I did use something from BJU press, it would be under extreme caution, as you did with your "arrows." :-)

Taryn said...

Here's a thought-in Mary Pride's book on the medical industry(page126) the possibility of refusing to "donate" organs being illegal in the future is discussed. I googled Bob Jones and the King James Bible- and read a few interesting things-quotes,etc. That makes it simpler for my daughter-in-law,what's left is Abeka,Rod and Staff,and Landmark Freedom(although I'm not a fan of John Bunyan's and Pilgrim's Progress-and they devote a Literature Study to it and his other book). I still am not sure of the McGuffey Readers that Landmark uses. I did read the originals that we used are better than the revised readers.