Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Posting Few and Far Between

So the "repost" doesn't count as a real post. And the Daybook post is only a partly real post. This means that my last "real" post dates all the way back to June 9th. I had second trimester energy on June 9th, LOL!!! Now, with only 64 days left, I am feeling like a third trimester, hot, swollen whale. It's hard for me to believe that it's almost August. Where did the summer go?

Okay, going all the way back to June 20-24th. We took the teenagers to youth camp and had a blast. We always love taking the youth to camp. I think we look forward to it just as much as they do. However, I very much hate leaving my babies. They hate to be left, even with grandparents. Well, all except Lydia. She was the only one who cried when we got home...but moving right along... We took a group of 8 girls and 7 boys. We had 3 of the girls accept the Lord as Saviour during camp!! This was the third year that we took the youth to PCC's teen extreme youth camp. As far as activities and preaching go, it's a great camp. As far as standards go ... we'll just say it's typical *grumble*. We also told the youth that this would be our last year in the youth ministry. There are many, many reasons, none on which I will elaborate here. Primarily, we feel like the Lord is ready for us to leave it. I am excited to see what the Lord has for us, but it's very bittersweet. I really love these teenagers a lot. I want to be a part of their lives. I enjoy seeing them grow in Christ.

Our last official Sunday will be September 4th, which is promotion Sunday for Sunday school (I think). Then we'll be in a Sunday school class. I am partly excited about it. I was in Sunday school for about the first 6 months after I got saved. Then I taught 2 and 3 years olds for a while. Then I was back in Sunday school for about 3 or 4 months. The rest of the time I've had some hand in a class (young adult or youth group). So, I feel like I've been essentially teaching a class for 13 1/2 years and have been "in" Sunday school for only a few months.

Our church's VBS was July 11-14th. It was a very different experience for us. It was the first time in I-can't-remember-how-long that I haven't taught VBS. I kinda did the sound room some ... I sorta did this and that, but I didn't have a "job." So, I felt sorta worthless all week...like I didn't earn my keep or something. Now, I say all this with a grin. I was, by no means, despondent or angry or anything like that. I'm just used to being busy. Not being busy was an uncomfortable adjustment.

We also have decided to start school. Our first day was July 12th. After receiving some criticism from "real-life people" (opposed to Internet people), I tend to be more closed with what we do with our schooling. I did mention that we were starting school the week of VBS to some folks who looked at us as if we were space aliens for beginning in July. (soapbox) First, who cares?! It's my responsibility. Second, why do people have this perception that if it doesn't equal what the government does it is wrong? Third, my kids were finished with school when the government kids were just on spring break. Yes, our kids have been out since April. Last I checked from the end of April to the beginning of July is about the same time as from mid-June to mid-August. Fourth, they are bored to death and are actually asking to go back to school. Fifth, since I'm having a baby in September, I'd rather get some of this year under our belt before baby arrives. Sixth, having part of September and the whole month of October off, a week in November (Thanksgiving) and 2 weeks off in December (Christmas) sounds wonderful!! (/soapbox)

I know that I'm probably missing a golden opportunity to potty train Josiah. More than once he has come to get me, taken me by the hand to the potty, pulled his diaper down, pee-peed in the potty and flushed. I'm really not too sure about potty training now though. What's holding me back is knowing that I won't be able to pick him up for 6 weeks in September, following my c-section with Noah. Getting up every 20-30 minutes doesn't sound doable either.

Oh yeah, I think we've finally pretty much decided on Daniel Noah for this little peep. Since I have a brother named Daniel, he'll be known as Noah. We just didn't like it the other way around. Noah Daniel sounds like Know-a-Daniel to me.

I am so completely jealous that my brother and sister-in-law have this beauty.

I, on the other hand, am still very much pregnant, hot, and swollen while my sister-in-law is looking more like herself. I mentioned this to a nurse at my doctor's office sort of tongue-in-cheek, to which she replied "oh, you don't want your baby to come now, do you?! It's way too early." I answered, "of course not, but quit being rational with me. Can't you see I'm pregnant in July and will be in August and September?!" LOL Don't try to rationalize with a pregnant woman!!

Jeremy and I are praying about buying a separate building for homeschool. It would be nice to free up some space. One of the companies that we are looking at sells buildings that have a 150mph windload and are certified by the Florida Building Commission. I'm thinking hurricane strength here.

I'm not saying this is the one, but we'd like to have a building in a similar style to this one. We could do wiring and insulating ourselves easily. It's just something to pray about. :-) We'll see what happens.

I also found a 4 loaf bread recipe that I've tweaked to my liking. Hopefully I'll post the recipe with my changes soon. Looking at my track record, however, I'm not making any promises!

hmm...I can't think of anything else to catch up on.

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Sarah said...

You made my day with your post Elizabeth! I do often wonder about how you are doing! It was great reading about all your recent events!

Daniel Noah is just a precious name! I am so happy for you all!

We also discussed Noah (if Meg had been a boy) but decided against it simply because it sounded funny with our surname: Noah O'Neill??

Hubby and I have been discussing going back to school too. I miss the structure it brings into our home! Shame you encountered some "comments" and "looks"...we have gotten that from extended family and it is not nice!

Wishing you well during the last stretch of your pregnancy! ;)

Kristy... said...

Hey thanks for the update! My posts are so few and far between too. I feel very boring here lately :)

I LOOOOVE NOAH! I am excited to hear about it all.... and see pictures. WOW Josiah is already wanting to go on the potty? Abby takes her diaper off and asks to be changed but, thats as far as it goes. I am looking forward to NO diapers for the first time in 8 years!

Elizabeth said...

I understand about the name thing. One of our first ideas was Benjamin. However, Benjamin Bondurant just doesn't go. LOL!! :-)

Yes, he's really ready for the potty. He's been the first one to actually show "ready signs." All the others, I just took their diapers away and went with it. Hopefully he will have not lost interest by October.

Kimberly said...

I was wondering how your pregnancy was going... We've barely even had a summer, we are so cool and wet; but we must be thankful as we know so many others {the rest of the country}are suffering with severe heat waves.

I'm sure you are going to enjoy being in a Sunday school class with other "grown ups" We are really enjoying the class we are in.

Yes, I will be peeking in at your blog and others from time to time.

Happy schooling! Oh, I think the little building is just adorable, that would be so much fun to have a separate school building!

Twinkle Toes said...

Hey there! I'm doing good. We've moved and I've been exhausted with all of it. I'm finally (just barely) out of the first trimester, but still struggling with tiredness. I started taking some iron and I think it's helping so hopefully I will start feeling better soon. I've just been so tired and feeling so blah I haven't blogged about anything. I will soon though! :) Glad to hear everythings well y'all!

lisa said...

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