Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just a Pregnancy Update

That's it. Just the rattlings and ramblings of a 32 year old woman with a case of pregnant brain coupled with a case of mommy brain. I have both conditions, quite acute cases in fact. :-)

I am marking off the days one-by-one as they pass. Today I have 17 days left until our projected baby date. Most of the people I know will lighthearted ask, "How much longer?" or "When are you due again?" to which a promptly reply with the remaining number of days without skipping a beat. I have not had a difficult pregnancy at all. In fact, it has been very pleasant. I've not had much problem with heartburn, reflux, muscle cramps, irritability (although it can creep in), or much else. I've probably had to deal with the most swelling this go around. I am just tired of being pregnant ... for this time at least.

I saw one of my school teachers yesterday at the grocery store. She is the blessed mom of 7. Her oldest is a freshman in college and her "baby" is 3. See, my mom thinks that I couldn't possibly be telling the truth when I say that I hate being pregnant. Don't misunderstand. I am blessed to never have had fertility issues. I love my larger-side-of-medium-sized family. I am amazed by the miracle of a little soul living in my belly and all that stuff. But pregnancy is just not fun. It's difficult and makes everyday life more difficult. Well, as I was chatting with my old school teacher, she shared the same sentiments. She and I agreed that after the first pregnancy, the infatuation with it all was over. LOL, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Anyway, something that is a different "symptom" that I've dealt with this time is my arms randomly falling asleep. It usually only happens when I'm sleeping at night or when I get still ... which is usually just when I'm at church. No matter what sleep position I use, or how many pillows I barricade myself with, or whatever I try, my arms go to sleep. Then they ache. Then it wakes me up. Then I have to sit up in the bed for about 15 minutes to get circulation back. Then I can sleep for another hour or two and repeat the process again. But hey, at the end of it all, I'll have a beautiful little baby boy to cuddle with...who will no longer be pressing on nerves or blood vessels. :-)

Speaking of swelling, I have not been able to wear my wedding band since the end of June. I really do miss it. I don't know if that sounds silly or not. I wear it on a chain around my neck, but my fingers are just too fat for it. When I'm not pregnant, my wedding band is almost too loose and almost falls off if I've just lotioned my hands. I can't get it around my knuckle right now.

I am not looking forward to my surgery, of course. I am thankful for life saving, medically necessary procedures and all that stuff. That said, I find c-sections terrifying even though I've had 4 in the past. I know exactly what to expect, which doesn't help at all. With both Lydia and Josiah I told my OR nurse "I know I seem in control of my emotions right now, but when we enter that OR I will not be like this. I am scared to death of c-sections." I've always had great nurses who are great supporters. I can't say the same about anesthetists and anesthesiologists at least in my experience.

I also got a question in a comment a while back:

If you dislike pharmaceutical companies, will you be declining any meds when you have your C-section?
I strictly do no publish inflammatory comments or comments that I perceive to simply serve to poke fun at me or my family. I felt at first that this was asked in a mocking fashion, but as I read and reread many times this comment, I can see where this is a legitimate question. To answer it, obviously, I can't go without all pharmaceutical medications. I'd probably never even survive my surgery if not for meds. I think that's a little obvious. I definitely don't do things "normally" though. Doctors where I live at least suggest that you get an epidural for c-sections and they then leave in that epidural for 24 hours post-op. I did this only with John it was utter misery for me. Furthermore, when you have an epidural they won't let you sit up. They also won't let you keep your baby alone. If your husband leaves, you have to take your baby to the nursery. I'm just not going to do that. I always ask for just a spinal block (which is normal procedure in other areas). The anesthesia wears off in about 3-5 hours for me, at which time I get up, take a bath, and get comfy.

What about pain meds? Well, I don't really get much of an option when it comes to my IV of morphine. Once the IV finally gets taken out, I try to be very objective as to how bad my pain is. I usually try to just lie down for a while and see if I feel a bit better. If not, I will usually ask for something for pain. Lortab, Percocet, and all the typical pain killers I can't take. Lortab makes me vomit. Percocet makes me so dizzy that I can't lift my head. There was a pain killer that I'd had some success with called Darvocet. It was a very weak pain killer, but it has since been taken off the market. More than likely, I will just take an 800 mg Motrin. Now that said, once I get home I'm usually off of all forms of medication...not even a Tylenol. The heating pad and lots of rest work very well. In fact, I think that with the last pregnancy I didn't even get my prescription for pain meds filled.

I mentioned a while back that we were hoping to / praying about getting a separate building for a schoolroom and for extra storage space. We were able to buy a beautiful building. Right now Jeremy is in the process of getting it ready. We're taking a "baby break" soon. By time we return to school after our baby break we hope to have electricity out to it, have it insulated, install an air conditioner, hang sheet rock, and move all the school stuff out there. Thus far we have gotten the electrical run to it. September 7th we are planning on having people come to insulate it. Jeremy was going to hang fiberglass insulation, but we decided to go with foam insulation. It wasn't too much more than the cost of fiberglass, plus hubby won't have to install it. After that, it's all downhill. I hope to get pictures and share our progress with everyone.

Anyhow, I understand this is a rather disjointed post. Like I said: pregnant brain, compounded by mommy brain. I have to add that I also have a case of back-to-school brain on top of all that! Have a great day, peeps!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the pregnancy update! I always say "pregnancy brain" does not go away, it just gets worse with each pregnancy...I guess God designed it that way, so we'd need more children, just to remember all those things that we forget!

I only hope to one day be as blessed as you with soon-to-be five treasures! I have struggled on and off with fertility issues (we think due to ovarian cysts) and at times find it very hard to be patient and wait on the Lord! But He knows my heart, and knows that I do understand that He works all things for good!

I totally know what you mean about wedding bands! I'd DIE without mine!

Cannot wait to see photographs of your new schoolroom! I bet it'll be great! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering. I don't mean to be critical, and am asking this in the most respectful way.

Isn't it a little hypocritical to criticize pharmaceutical companies so harshly and then use their products when you need them?

Elizabeth said...

Your comments are always so uplifting. Thanks as always. I understand, in a roundabout way, in what you say about the fertility issues. I've often wondered why I, someone who wanted many children, would be the person who had childbirth issues. I wanted an unassisted, very hands-off birth. What I got was the opposite. Although my issue isn't with fertility, I do have to still wait patiently on the Lord.

I see where you're coming from. It does sort of seem critical. I'm not someone who is always opposed to all forms of pharmacology. Many things about big pharm irk me...lots and lots of things. I think most problems can be resolved through leading a healthy lifestyle. The majority of chronic health issues are the result of years of poor health and unhealthy lifestyles. There are times that lifesaving intervention is necessary. In our case with Ethan's asthma, no alternatives were given. The answer from the doctor was big pharm. If we didn't go with what they said, then Ethan would suffer for life. None of the side effects were mentioned much. What was mentioned was said so off-the-cuff that it lead to believe that it was more likely for us to win the lottery than experience side effects. We were completely uninformed about the drastic mood swings Ethan would have when he was on steroids. They didn't tell us that the meds would become ineffective and he, in turn would need even stronger meds. What worked for him was herbs. I believe that God gave us herbs for healing...I really, really do. I feel like a healthy lifestyle, eating well, and using herbs as medicine when needed should be the first line of defense. If, for some reason those things don't work, big pharm could be a secondary. I think that if it were me faced with a chronic illness: cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, I would do everything possible to avoid pharm. Despite all my efforts, my condition may persist. Who knows. If that were the case, I'd have to do a lot of soul-searching. The pharm meds throw off mineral levels and sort of cause a chain reaction, a downward spiral that throws off other systems in the body which compounds the existing problem.

I don't want to seem hypocritical. My cynicism is more because of the "pill pusher" mentality. I think that the side effects are grossly understated, despite the "research." Anyway, what a long answer, wasn't it!? Hopefully maybe that cleared up a few things. ;-)

Deborah said...

I enjoyed reading your post, but liked your last comment even more. I agree with you on the medication verses natural...I just found out I have high blood pressure, and I'm researching what I can do to lower it so I won't be pushed to take medication.
I'm looking forward to seeing your schoolhouse photos!

Aliene said...

I feel the same about meds. I have done so much better with natural herbs etc. I mostly use Standard Process. Best that i have found.

I know you are anxious for the next few weeks to pass and we are waiting to hear. New baby, new school. Sounds like you will be one busy Mom.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying for you as your baby's time of arrival is only a couple of days away. May the Lord give you comfort and strength through this time. Look forward to seeing your new baby soon - when you feel up to it.
Love and God Bless.