Friday, August 12, 2011

Spotlight: Ethan

For a while I have been wanting to sort of spotlight each of my kids. I often chat about how each of them is doing, but I want to sort of go more in depth. A brief catch-up first: pregnancy is going well. My dreaded c-section is scheduled for September 14th for 7am. It squelches all the surprise out of it, doesn't it? I am looking quite round, but not as round as I have in some other pregnancies. I think I've pretty much come to terms that debilitating leg cramps, bulging and fevered varicose veins, oily skin and hair, acne, achy bones and on and on are just normal pregnancy symptoms for me. I find myself being slightly more patient with these annoyances than usual. Praise the Lord!! Just a few more weeks...I'm so ready now. The only thing I like about being pregnant is feeling baby movement and that. is. ALL.

Today is mine and Jeremy's 11th wedding anniversary (edit: it was last week on the fifth, when I started writing this post. haha!). We have (had) all the kids distributed at different grandparents' houses tonight for a fun night out. I'm looking forward to it! (went to Red Lobster and Marble Slab! Yum!!)

Homeschool is just going great. In the past I have not kept a listing of the kids' grades. I have simply tested and used the results as a gauge to see where the kids are struggling and where they need help. This year I decided to keep a grade book. Ethan has an A in everything. John has all A's also, except spelling. He's really struggling in spelling.



Here is our imagination. Life is an open canvas to this boy. He's an outside-the-box thinker. He's SUPER ticklish and actually asks to be tickled! Can you believe that?

He is our sensitivity and compassion. He doesn't have the typical superficial compassion that most of us have. He has Jude 22 compassion. If one of his siblings wanted his snack, he'd give up his so that the other could have.

He is cautious and to share his true feelings. It usually takes a while to see what is bothering Ethan.

Ethan is our unbridled energy. He's the one that sometimes can't contain any longer and has to let out a spontaneous scream while running down the hall. (which can be difficult)

He is our organizer, but strangely doesn't mind clutter. Strange, huh? He'll be the one to volunteer to organize a bookshelf and leave everything on the top of his dresser strewn about.

This is also our champ who overcame asthma. Most people, naysayers, say that it was just time for him to outgrow it. I vehemently disagree. He struggled with asthma for months after we took him off of the meds. We had seen the downward spiral that the pharmaceutical companies had him on. He hated it (even at the age of 3), and so did we. It was indeed a struggle. Though he was miserable, he barely complained...ever. He's so much more healthy than he was, praise God!!

(A Lego truck for Dad and a Lego heart for Mom)

Just like all the other children, he has his own little personality, unique from the others. I'm so thankful to have him as a son!

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Anonymous said...

If you dislike pharmaceutical companies, will you be declining any meds when you have your C-section?

Good luck!

Sarah said...

Elizabeth, it was lovely to read all about Ethan! I loved his lego heart, very creative!

I also loved reading about his triumph over asthma! I too struggled with this as a child and overcame it, thanks to my mothers wisdom, not the doctors! I have been meaning to post about it...maybe this will give me the push I needed!

I LOVED your "spotlight" post and look forward to more! No pressure! ;)

P.S We are really enjoying reading "Trail of Blood", though it is making us somewhat mad/sad too!

Anonymous said...

Boy, I bet he is just like his dad. Cute too, probably like his dad!!