Monday, August 22, 2011

Spotlight: Lydia

top: Ethan holding newborn Lydia
bottom: Lydia at about 8 months old

I almost can't say her name without chuckling to myself. She is such a joy and blessing. She says the funniest things. For example, on the way home from church last night she shares these thoughts:
"Mom, I have a bad heagache. (headache)"
"Oh really? Why's that?"
"Because sometimes I get a heagache because I open my mouth and out pops some silly words. It really gives me a heagache!"
Me: *eruption of laughter*
"See Mom?! ... ... Moooooomma! Quit laughing!"

singing with dad and brothers

Such a princess. Nothing could be worse than wearing an ugly dress to her. Nail polish, perfume, pink, frills.

She loves people, but tends to be shy: "Mom, hold my hand and say 'hi' to this girl for me."

In raising her, I haven't made much of a fuss about "what do you want to be when you grow up." I asked Lydia one day, just a few weeks ago, and her reply was "I want to grow up and be a mommy...and have lots of babies!" Good girl!

Lydia has to explain everything in great detail, which can be hilarious and sometimes wearisome. Hilarious because of the nutty stuff she says, but wearisome because her mind goes faster than her vocabulary can keep up, which can lead to lots of stuttering.

Lydia also has lots of pretend friends, which is also adorable. Nay-na is her best (pretend) friend who wears pink and even has pink hair and skin. All the other friends have rhyming names: Sella, Bella, Tella, Della, Mella and the list goes on forever. She makes up these very entertaining stories. For example, once she said that Nay-na died and went to heaven. Then God kicked her out of heaven for talking to the Philistines. We stopped her in her tracks and explained that God would never ever kick any one out of heaven. This caused her to become very annoyed: "Mommy, I already know God doesn't do that, but I have to get Nay-na back out of heaven some how!"

She loves for her siblings to fuss over her and wait on her (which I try to discourage as much as possible).

Her sense of modesty is very becoming. At the beginning of the summer (like, the beginning of April lol) I tucked away her winter nightgowns and traded them for summer ones. Since nightgowns are so difficult to find, I was hoping to get a week or two's wear of last years gowns. One of the gowns came to the top of her knee. She completely insisted that she would not wear it. She pulled at and wrestled with the hem and said that she could never EVER wear that because the boys (her brothers) would see!

She loves to color, paint, draw and the like. Usually Lydia blesses me with at least 5 pictures a day.

The best part about being Lydia's mommy is when she grabs me around the neck and says "Mommy, you're my bestest pal!"

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Anonymous said...

Man, what a beautiful daughter you have. She is so adorable!! I bet you she loves her daddy a lot too.

Sarah said...

Again I LOVED this post! Sweet Lydia...lovely photographs, what a pretty young lady!

I had to laugh out loud at the rhyming pretend friend names and Nay-na and the Philistines!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that she wants to be a mommy and have lots of babies.
Sad to say it isn't that easy for all young ladies to attain. Either the Lord doesn't provide them a husband, which they have prayed for since they were Lydia's age and now are grown adults, or provides a husband and there are infertility issues.
We want our daughters to be wives and mommies(which is RIGHT and Bible),and yet they need to be prepared to provide for themselves if necessary. I don't have the answers,but have lived long enough to have seen both of the above situations.
Lydia is a beautiful girl, your story of her made me smile, and once again, your blog is a blessing. Wishing you well as your c-section date approaches and you get to meet baby Daniel Noah. God Bless.

Elizabeth said...

Your reminder makes me think of a family I know. This is a Godly family of 9 (if I remember right), ALL of which actively serve the Lord today. The Lord did not give many of them husbands. Although their prayers for godly spouses were answered with a "no," they have learned to have joy in God's will for their lives.

What I pray for my kids daily is for God's will to be done in their lives. If God doesn't provide them husbands, then wonderful. If He does, wonderful. If she or her husband have fertility issues, I pray that she takes her petitions to the Lord like Hannah did. If God opens her womb then wonderful. If not, so be it. I pray for her to be joyful whereever the Lord takes her.

I think we're on the same page here. :-) I was just pleased that, like Mary, she (at least at the age of 4 lol) chose that good part. In this case, praise through (hopefully) raising a Godly family.

I am ready for you to meet little Noah also... otherwise translated, I'm getting tired of being uncomfortable LOL!! Also looking forward to baby-cuddles. :-)

Aliene said...

Lydia is precious. I just know little"Noah" will enter this world with a big loud cry. I know you will be glad for him to get here.
We will be patiently waiting.

Taryn said...

My 6 children never had a pretend friend. That's interesting. I have to watch and see if any of my grandchildren have a pretend friend. Where do they get that concept from? My brother,sister, and I never had pretend friends. My husband and his 8 siblings never had pretend friends. I don't think I would encourage it and I don't know why but I will be thinking about this concept.