Friday, September 16, 2011

Spotlight: Noah

Noah's "birth" was a snap compared to all the rest. I am very thankful for that. I've had very little pain, for which I am SUPER grateful.  He was 8 lb, 5 oz which is not big for my babies. He's taking to nursing like a pro. In my opinion, he looks very, very much like Ethan but with John's eyes and Josiah's cleft chin. He's also a lot more blond than the others. John was the most blond and they've gradually gotten darker all the way down to Josiah. Noah changed that pattern!

Since Noah's "birth story" isn't half as dramatic as Josiah's was, I guess that I feel like there's really nothing to share. I'm not being negative; there's just not really much to tell. I was unhappy to have been completely forbidden to leave my bed on day one. He was born at about 7:30 AM and by 2 AM the next day, I'd had enough. My nurse was okay with disconnecting me to my 88,000 tethers (miles of IV stuff, blood clot leg cuff thingys, etc) and I was very glad. After the last bit of morphine was out of my system, I got up and got a shower. After that, I felt like a new person!

For now, we're hoping to go home today, two days after Noah's birth. The children are dying to have mommy home again and I am dying to be home again. There is no rest in the hospital, that's to be sure!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spotlight: Josiah

My bouncing two-year old tornado! I had only thought I'd had two-year olds ... then we had Josiah! He has such an insatiable curiosity. Toys do not, and never have, held his attention for any span of time. He's an explorer and adventurer, even at the tender age of two.

This is our big, brown eyed, cuddle bunny. He loves mommy and is the first clingy child I've had. He's not unhealthily clingy, he just loves mommy! He's also a daddy's boy. He rushes out the door when he hears Daddy pull up in the driveway. But just face it, he just loves mommy better (you know he does honey, so meh!).

Sweet and concerned, yet bossy. He loves to tell his older siblings what to do. Josiah needs to have things "right." He simply cannot get out of the bathtub without picking up the toys (which is a good thing). He lines up pocket cars and meticulously pulls out each one, drives it around, and puts it back in its place.

Josiah loves the moon (mewn), trains (choo-choo), dinosaurs (rar!) and his brother Ethan (ee-ee). Dirt ranks very high on the list of fun things.

He has been very interested in school since Lydia started. When I call Lydia in to go over her lessons, Josiah has to be in the middle of what she's doing. He will recite each letter and its sound as I hold up the flashcards. So precious!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spotlight: John

Just another little momma update: still pregnant (lol). Lots of Braxton-Hicks-ing (normal for me). Tomorrow is our big day! We've about got all the preparations done for little man's arrival. Just a few more odds-and-ends to wrap up today. After supper and bath-time tonight, we'll be taking the children to spend the night with Jeremy's mom since we have to be at the hospital at 5am...which means we need to leave at 4am...which means we'll need to get up no later than 3:30am. I had mentioned in a previous post about my arms randomly falling asleep. Well, I ended up asking my OB about it, and the craziest thing she said it was ... it's carpal tunnel syndrome. Apparently it can arise in pregnancy, even if you've never had it before. I really hope it goes away after all this incredibly high amount of swelling goes away.


Wow, where do I start with this one? Such a "first-born." He's such a rock. He's always ready and able to help anywhere and everywhere. He loves responsibility and is very proud of his duty at church: bring a water bottle from the refrigerator in the fellowship hall to whomever is preaching that evening.

Whether it's arithmetic and science or power tools and yard work, John loves to learn new things. He wants to be challenged; He wants to do things "too old" for him. Usually he does them, and does them well. Whatever you're doing, he is begging to be a part of it.

John's desire is to please the Lord and please those around him. He's vexed when he's hurt the feelings of others. He wants to do right, but is sometimes impulsive in deciding the "right" way to handle a situation. John looks out for his siblings so protectively.

John is very much an outdoorsman. From time to time he will lament over the possibility that the Lord could call us to the mission field and then we could possibly have to live in the city. (no really, he has said that more than once).