Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spotlight: Josiah

My bouncing two-year old tornado! I had only thought I'd had two-year olds ... then we had Josiah! He has such an insatiable curiosity. Toys do not, and never have, held his attention for any span of time. He's an explorer and adventurer, even at the tender age of two.

This is our big, brown eyed, cuddle bunny. He loves mommy and is the first clingy child I've had. He's not unhealthily clingy, he just loves mommy! He's also a daddy's boy. He rushes out the door when he hears Daddy pull up in the driveway. But just face it, he just loves mommy better (you know he does honey, so meh!).

Sweet and concerned, yet bossy. He loves to tell his older siblings what to do. Josiah needs to have things "right." He simply cannot get out of the bathtub without picking up the toys (which is a good thing). He lines up pocket cars and meticulously pulls out each one, drives it around, and puts it back in its place.

Josiah loves the moon (mewn), trains (choo-choo), dinosaurs (rar!) and his brother Ethan (ee-ee). Dirt ranks very high on the list of fun things.

He has been very interested in school since Lydia started. When I call Lydia in to go over her lessons, Josiah has to be in the middle of what she's doing. He will recite each letter and its sound as I hold up the flashcards. So precious!

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Sarah said...

Sweet boy, Josiah! I LOVE the photograph of him doing the hoovering! So cute!

Praying for you in these last few days of pregnancy, my friend! :)

Law Student#99999999 said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth & Jeremy! We look forward to meeting our new nephew next time we come to Pensacola.

Kristy... said...

I Can't believe how big our babies have got. I also can't believe you have had another since then :P