Monday, October 10, 2011

The Weeks in Pictures

This post is certainly going to be a catching up post. It seems like the past 3 weeks have just flown by. We all seem to be adjusting into a family of 7 from a family of 6. Trying to get somewhere on time can be difficult, but it seems to come together at the last minute. Well, except for this weekend when we were 30 minutes late to my nephew's birthday party. Noah is growing by leaps and bounds! It seems like he changes a little bit every day. I'll pick up where the last post left off.

The whole family came to pick me up when I was discharged from the hospital. These little gifts were near my seat, a gift from Ethan. To the left are paper cutouts of me and Noah. To the right is a little note rolled up and tied together.
The little note reads "I am glad that you have Noah and I love you." At the bottom are sketches of me and Noah. (Click to enlarge)

This precious sign by the door was complements of John.

Bringing home Noah....

 Indoor art work shown off by its creator.

And of course, everyone wants a turn holding Noah.

Jeremy's grandmother always purchases a cute bow to celebrate each baby's birth. Noah was no different.

  Daddy giving Noah his first at-home bath.
 And getting caught in a rain shower is always fun!

 There is no shortage of help. I love the pile of stuffed animals at Noah's feet.

 And there's LOTS of time to plunder when mom is distracted.

 Here Mr. Noah is about 3 weeks old.

Mom's little babies!


I had mentioned before about us praying about a separate schoolhouse. You can see it in the background of one of this pictures. I have photos of the progress. We have the electricity run out to to it, we've had it insulated, hung sheet rock and now we're down to the cleaning and soon on to the moving in. Hopefully that will be another post. :)