Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Schoolhouse

I promised a while back to share pictures with our schoolhouse. Well, I don't have so many, but here they are.

I love the porch!

We put it pretty close to the house...maybe a little too close. I did not want it in the back of the yard, however, because in rainy or cold weather I didn't want to trek across the yard.

So, here is the inside. We opted for the loft to help in our storage crisis. In this photo, Jeremy had wired the inside.

We later insulated it. Unfortunately, I either did not take pictures of it with the insulation, or I lost them. Either is possible.

This is the finished (for now) product. The sheet rock is not finished. We may not ever do it. We also left the floors alone. We thought about putting laminate down, but decided against it. We keep joking that we'll use it for a shed when the kids are not in school any more ... twenty years or so from now!

In other news, it is impossible to believe that on Wednesday Noah will we 8 weeks old! He is growing too fast. He weighs the same as his cousin who is 10 weeks older than him.

And, we celebrated another birthday as Mr. Ethan turned 7. He's looking quite grown-up.

Amidst all of this, we have had a long-distance field trip, battled illnesses, continued with school after our baby vacation, done some major organizing, began potty training Josiah, struggled with thrush, and dealt with a washing machine crisis which flooded the house!

Speaking of field trips, we are hoping to take the kids to the USS Alabama soon. They will love it, I am sure.