Saturday, December 17, 2011

*gasp* A Post!

I just can't get in the groove since our last baby-addition. I don't want to neglect my blog, but it seems that I'm just letting it go. Hopefully we can remedy this soon. =D

It seems like it was just last week that we were bringing home little Noah and here it is nearly Christmastime. Speaking of Noah, the little man is growing like a weed: cooing, smiling, drooling, laughing and making us all laugh. He has slept all night twice. My kids don't start sleeping all night until about 3-4 months. But he is sleeping from 10:30-4 in his crib, in the boys' room, pretty consistently. It could be worse, I know. When you start to get that sleepless zombie feeling though, you long for a full 8 hours' sleep. Anyway, he is a precious little angel who loves to be held, loves to swing, and loves his siblings.

More along the baby-talk lines: for ten thousand reasons (/exaggeration) we decided not to use the church nursery this go-around. We took Josiah out at about the age of 12 months, for the same ten thousand reasons, and have had no trouble with it. Little Noah has been a cinch also, with some minor disasters along the way. At this point, he sleeps for nearly the whole message. There have been a few sermons when he has stayed awake for the majority of the time. It's so neat watching him; sometimes it seems like he's actually listening. I have never felt fully comfortable leaving any of the kids in the nursery, I just never really felt confident enough to go against the grain and be ready for the derision that always follows. And there has been that derision, but like I said, I quit caring what people think in this respect.

Fortunately, I have been getting to attend Sunday School again. My Sunday School teacher's wife came to me and asked why I had not been in Sunday School. I explained that I had to nurse baby. [explanation: for some mind-boggling, bizarre reason, my church seems to have this mind set that nursing is shameful and vulgar. Nursing in the service would just be beyond the pale...even though I always nurse with a complete wrap around cape that covers me fully from the waist to the neck. How the cynical side of me would love to just nurse him during Sunday morning worship and when I get all the flack, call The Milk Truck...cus I have a mean streak like that.] She said that she was sure that no one cared if I came in Sunday School with Noah and fed him in there. I was so completely thrilled! I haven't been a student in Sunday School in about 14 years. I got saved in 1997 and began teaching the toddler class in 1998. Since then I've either taught a class or have been the wife of a Sunday School teacher (ie the youth group). I have completely enjoyed Sunday School!

Back on the home front, I am pretty well finished with Christmas stuff. I have to make Lydia a skirt. I plan to take next week to make a few Christmas candies: "York" peppermint patties, easy truffles, white chocolate pretzels, "Turtles," and whatever else sounds yummy. Plus a nice pot of Brunswick stew for a family Christmas eve party and some dessert goodies to take to my mom and dad's. Tis the season to forget about losing baby weight, right? After all, I only have about 5 pounds to go, so eat all you want, right? .... right??????

Tons more I could share, but Noah is awake and is hungry. Maybe I'll get to another post later today, but if not, I'll go on and publish this one. :-D

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Aliene said...

glad to see you posted again. i haven't been around much on the blogs. Sure would like to sit and rock and hug little Noah. He sounds so precious.

If you look back in my blog you will see where Logan sung in church one Sunday night. I call him our Christmas Miracle.

Who is your pastor? I have wondered that several times.

Elizabeth said...

Mrs. Aliene,
Our pastor is Robert Barrow. He served with Rock of Ages for several years. He speaks very highly of Bro. Silvertooth and of FBC. We would love to come hear the youth choir one day. Pastor says they are wonderful.

Ricky Dunsford is sent out of our church. :-)

Sarah said...

Elizabeth I always look forward to reading your posts! LOVED reading all about baby Noah! Really wish I could give him a snuggle too!

We are actually going "against the grain" at our church, so we know how you feel! We do not put our children in the Sunday school. So all of our children are with us during the service (never actually heard of church nurseries). Our reason is that "we came together as a family to that's what we're going to do". Unfortunately our pastors wife seem to be unimpressed by this.

Glad to "hear" that your family are doing well! :)

Kristy... said...

Good to "See" you Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!