Monday, January 30, 2012

Modified Kitchen Tip

I read a post from a long while ago by Zsuzsanna Anderson which told of her idea to cut down on the number of cups your family uses in a day. Unless you have some sort of amazing training technique that I've never heard of, then your kids are probably like mine.

A cup with breakfast.

Another cup in the morning.

And a fresh cup at lunch.

I just lost mine, so I need another cup.

See a pattern?

Well, this may not be that big a deal to some. It is a big deal to me though for two reasons: (1) I don't like washing dishes and (2) 3 cups a day x 7 family members = 21 dirty cups ... a day.

Well, here is my solution....

Here's the how-to.
1) Find various cutesy papers. Mine are 2 award badges we use in school, one gold award star from school, two free clip-art images, and 2 with stickers. I preferred heavier paper; I don't suppose it's completely necessary.

2) When I used clip-art, I printed it on card stock and trimmed it out.

3) Add names for the badges. Again, not particularly necessary I guess.

4) Use clear contact paper on the front and back to sort of laminate the badges and shield them from sweaty or freshly rinsed cups.

5) Set them out when you (or the kids) are cleaning up after breakfast and stick them back in the cupboard after the evening meal.

It may not work for you, but it has for us. We have been using this method for several months now. When we use it, everyone sticks to one cup a day!

3 edifying expressions:

Bobbin Aubins said...

Super cute idea:0) My kids have an area for cups that helped us eliminate the multi-cups problem. Now they just wake up bummed because their cups got washed.:-( I have silly kids!

Kristy... said...

awesome idea Elizabeth! I am SO going to use this!!!!!!


Sarah said...

This is a great idea! I really liked the pictures you used for each of these. We could definitely do with implementing this idea...I only have 3 children, and we still go through tonnes of cups/glasses everyday!